Force IE6 Users To Update

I’ve been in love with web development ever since my ex wanted me to help her build a website for her coursework since the boom of Dot Com. Back then it was IE5 and IE5.5 was the latest of its kind.

Fast forward a few years, I fell for Firefox. Since then, I never looked back.

Presently, as a web developer, I am constantly forced to share my bed with IE6. Reason being, 10% of the world is using IE6. So, if let’s say, I get about 1000 hits per day, 100 people are using IE6. And if I completely ditch IE6, that 100 people will go elsewhere. But NH is blog, but what about e-commerce websites? 10% IS A LOT to chew.

Fortunately, the love-hate relationship will end pretty soon. Thanks to, all my future works will no longer be bound by the wicked IE6.

Help kill Internet Explorer 6

  • IE6 is like an illness that just won’t go away, but we have the medicine.
  • IE6 Update looks like IE’s Information Bar, but instead of offering your visitors an ActiveX plugin, it offers a browser update.

via IE6 Update.

It’s like parting ways with your ex. And you know it in your heart, she/he deserves a special place (no matter how disgruntle it can be).

ps: Plan to visit a friend at the hospital. Not too sure what to be excited at, friend survived crash or the docs. Maybe both.

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