First Post Is Always Mine

Been fiddling around with WordPress and MovableType. The latter is the clear winner. However lack in themes, I have decided to go ahead with WordPress.

I will be kicking ass(es) on every single topic I find stupid.

If you think criticizing is exciting, then it is. So enjoy your stay 😉

Blogspot Noktah Hitam

I always like dark colors black.

I went through the whole WordPress theme last night, it was about 2000+ templates. I spent close to 7 hours testing the ones I like.

I have concluded, to make a great design, I have to build myself. It isn’t that hard actually. Some CSS, XHTML… I’m sure I can find my way. Designs me like,,,, and

I do not think outside the box, nor inside the box. I just THINK. – jason lee


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doodle me dude

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eddie wrote on November 30, 2007 #1

your about me is at the bottom.. intentional?

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eddie replied #1

woh.. in IE 5.5 and above, the bug is not fixed yet.

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eddie replied #1

berjaye! thanks for pointing it out.

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linie wrote on November 30, 2007 #2

salam, wah sudah ada domain sendiri..congrats 😀

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eddie replied #1

kerja buat website je. takut tade mase nak manage sendiri punye. 😉

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vangardx wrote on December 1, 2007 #3

Aku suka 1st post ko ni bro..
First post yang sudah nampak keberaniannya..

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NoktahHitam replied #1

shit! I forgot what I wrote in the first post 😯

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crime_genius86 replied #1

Hahaha… but mmg nice bro.. kalau aku baca 1st post mane2 blog.. memang hampeh.. termasuklah aku punya.. sekali baca.. mmg rase nk tergelak jer..

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crime_genius86 wrote on August 20, 2008 #4

[…] postings, I’ve come to realised, I derailed from my main objectives. I am supposed to be cynical, unlikable and wicked. I’m gonna hate myself for […]

Your Blog Sucks | Noktah Hitam wrote on September 3, 2008 #5

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