First Love Marriage, Anyone?

I just got back from Mr.B tahlil. It was short one. I really enjoyed the Malay style beef curry. Fabulous ok!

I met a few of my friends from MCKK, Mr M., Mr H. and Mr A, whom arrived later. These people are married and soon-to-be-husband. I find myself asking them, how they met, wedding preparation also other trivial matters of their work.

It’s rather fortunate for them to marry their first love, just like my elder and younger brother. However, I did not failed to ask my wicked mind,”how did they click?” or “what if later in life they find someone better?” or “NH is just being choosy?

Of course, these people never refrained themselves from asking me when is my turn. My typical answer would be,”somewhere in October”. What year? I’ll figure that out later.

Seriously I’m amused, how could they hang on to their first love? It must be dreadful.

ps : I have a ‘date’ with my client on Friday. Malas la plak nak entertain orang šŸ™„

pss : Today, I slept 12 hours. Demam la babe āž”

psss : Mr M. is marrying his form 3 penpal, whom is a doctor. Jealous, jealous, envy :kiss:

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