Fake Mohd Ali Rustam Blogs

I can’t deny my obsession in reading political blogs. Thankfully, Negaraku is there to save the day~

Anyway, Malacca Chief Minister, Mohd Ali Rustam asked the police to investigate the ill-intention blogs reproduced under his name. They are http://mohdalirustam2.blogspot.com/ and http://mohamadalirustam.blogspot.com/. He claims that http://www.mohdalirustam.com/ is the correct one. source http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84514

My wicked mind tells me the following.

  1. He wants attention to his new blog.
  2. ‘Fake’ blogs belong to someone with the same name.
  3. He denies what he wrote after being bombarded by readers.
  4. He wants to deviate police’s attention while sweeping something under the rug.
  5. He was a victim of hit and run, and lost his memory of writing those blogs.
  6. He is being honest.

I’ll take point no 3.

I really hope the police will put this under KIV [1. Keep in View]. They should be out on the streets, combating crimes, not to help ‘troubleshoot’ his blog, increase his Google PageRank, Technorati ratings or get people to subscribe to his FeedBurner.

My advise to Mohd Ali Rustam: Get a hacker or a defacer. I’m sure you can afford it since your pride is on the line.

ps: I was at the Bukit Aman Multimedia Division, man, they really need to spur more money.

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