Fadli’s Wedding and Hello Azalia!

Last weekend I attended Fadli’s wedding at Seremban. The weather was so hot and steamy (@35°C), my brain started oozing out my ear.

Fadli’s Wedding

Though a bit late, it was a miracle that Jenny survived a 130 km drive (she’s still sick though). It sure wasn’t much of a problem for Mr. S’s Lancer to tailgate my 1.6L old mistress. Jenny is slower these days.

Among the attendees was Azalia, a cutey with blanky.

She seems intimidate and clingy. I guess everyone wanted a piece of that bulging cheek, hence her bad mood.


I did however manage to snatch her off her mom. Azalia of course wasn’t too happy about it, but she didn’t wrestle her way out, instead wore a sad face. I eventually gave her back to the rightful owner before I bid my farewells.

A feint statement from my back,”Sejak bile Eddie lembut?

As wicked, dark, witty and pure awesome as I can be, I too have a softer side. Especially when it comes to kids. I know, I’ll be a great dad someday, provided I found my wife-to-be-doc 😉

ps: I’m sorry I handed “that thing” to Azalia, I was trying hard to be accepted. My bad 🙄

pss: Azalia, next time I’ll bring you candy (let’s just hope mom and dad doesn’t confiscate for their own eating pleasure)

psss: Too lazy to work! I think it’s because of the heat.

pssss: Don’t ask me when I’m getting married ❗

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24 thoughts on “Fadli’s Wedding and Hello Azalia!”

  1. azalia…the cutie-pie~! (who struggled very hard to flee from me..tsk tsk)

    pssss: so NH….when are you getting married? lol 😛

  2. hoho eddie..ko selamba bagi “that thing” kat dia duh…kan besar nanti..kalau btol..ko la puncanya..

    aku dh “rasuah” dia ngan coklat n lipstick..semua dia tak nak siot..kang aku bg lighter zippo kang..payah lak nanti…hehe 😛

  3. so cute la that azalia… 🙂
    dia makan kejap tgn kiri kejap tangan kanan..

    next time pesan kat parents dia sebelum bw g knuri kena bagi dia tdo cukup2 dulu..
    baru la dia xbad mood..
    leh la kita ramai2 culik.. 😀

  4. hmm toughie toughie!

    as long as you dont find me a repulsive old haggard lady at that time, im all in for the ($_$) lol

    till then, pegi buat keje cpt!

  5. yg 2 org kat tengah,row depan tu spoil pic ja sbb xsenyum…
    haha..just kiddin’ 😀 😆

  6. kids r full of fun.. 😀
    having kids is joyful momment… 😀
    but to raise kids..it’s quite troublesome… 😡

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