Fadli’s Wedding and Hello Azalia!

Last weekend I attended Fadli’s wedding at Seremban. The weather was so hot and steamy (@35°C), my brain started oozing out my ear.

Fadli’s Wedding

Though a bit late, it was a miracle that Jenny survived a 130 km drive (she’s still sick though). It sure wasn’t much of a problem for Mr. S’s Lancer to tailgate my 1.6L old mistress. Jenny is slower these days.

Among the attendees was Azalia, a cutey with blanky.

She seems intimidate and clingy. I guess everyone wanted a piece of that bulging cheek, hence her bad mood.


I did however manage to snatch her off her mom. Azalia of course wasn’t too happy about it, but she didn’t wrestle her way out, instead wore a sad face. I eventually gave her back to the rightful owner before I bid my farewells.

A feint statement from my back,”Sejak bile Eddie lembut?

As wicked, dark, witty and pure awesome as I can be, I too have a softer side. Especially when it comes to kids. I know, I’ll be a great dad someday, provided I found my wife-to-be-doc 😉

ps: I’m sorry I handed “that thing” to Azalia, I was trying hard to be accepted. My bad 🙄

pss: Azalia, next time I’ll bring you candy (let’s just hope mom and dad doesn’t confiscate for their own eating pleasure)

psss: Too lazy to work! I think it’s because of the heat.

pssss: Don’t ask me when I’m getting married ❗


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  1. azalia…the cutie-pie~! (who struggled very hard to flee from me..tsk tsk)

    pssss: so NH….when are you getting married? lol 😛

  2. Get your friends to send in their CV. Oh yeah, yours too 😮

  3. hoho eddie..ko selamba bagi “that thing” kat dia duh…kan besar nanti..kalau btol..ko la puncanya..

    aku dh “rasuah” dia ngan coklat n lipstick..semua dia tak nak siot..kang aku bg lighter zippo kang..payah lak nanti…hehe 😛

  4. oh…demand!

    the day you finally become a millionaire, ill post my cv right away – pos laju! 😉

  5. so cute la that azalia… 🙂
    dia makan kejap tgn kiri kejap tangan kanan..

    next time pesan kat parents dia sebelum bw g knuri kena bagi dia tdo cukup2 dulu..
    baru la dia xbad mood..
    leh la kita ramai2 culik.. 😀

  6. The day I make my first million, will be the day I gave it away. So I’ll probably be in my mid 40’s baru millions. Can you wait?

  7. Aku nampak! (terase macam stalker plak)

    According to Asahara, she naps at 12 noon. Die x dapat nap, cranky skit la.. kot?

  8. yeah…her mom ada gtau dia bad mood mcm 2 sb dia xdpt tdo..
    next time kena bg tdo cukup2 dulu baru leh bw kuar jalan… 🙂

  9. cutenyerrr..

  10. eh bro..kasi letak la dekat mckk9600.net…buat la blog post sepam…ni nak kena ajar diorang guna RSS feed ni beb.. :XO:

  11. huhu kamu suke budak. aku suke tgk je. haha. leceh la bila diorang lekat2 ni. lalala.

    MAKAN BUDAK! hahaha! ➡

  12. hmm toughie toughie!

    as long as you dont find me a repulsive old haggard lady at that time, im all in for the ($_$) lol

    till then, pegi buat keje cpt!

  13. Suka tengok jer? LOL

  14. u suka tgk bdk2 je salaam? ok… u duduk line belakang… 😆

  15. if she turns out to be a bit ‘wild’ (crossed my fingers hopefully tak), i know who is the culpritlah.

  16. yg 2 org kat tengah,row depan tu spoil pic ja sbb xsenyum…
    haha..just kiddin’ 😀 😆

  17. ala.. nak duduk depan gak. tp xmo paling depan. boleh?

  18. /me pointing finger at someone else.

  19. Byk camera. Tak tau mane satu nak tgk 😀

  20. kena submit CV jugak la cmtu… hahaha 👿 😎

  21. kids r full of fun.. 😀
    having kids is joyful momment… 😀
    but to raise kids..it’s quite troublesome… 😡

  22. i dont see someone else?

  23. What a beautiful wedding! pretty bride and handsome groom , congratulating them on their happy and healthy.。

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