Emo, A New Dawn of Music?

I’m sure many of you have spot emo bands like Dashboard Confessional, Second Hand Serenade, My Chemical Romance etc. I’m a big fan myself (but I don’t Google artist out of curiosity, I just don’t).

For me, emo existed way before I was let out into this world, the early 80’s.

And Wiki confirmed (or rather agrees) with my hypothesis, Emo is actually from that era and not late 90’s. That explains why I’m easily swept off my feet when listening the old tune. And I thought I’m old fashioned.

Gersang – Luka Lagi [mp3]

Correction to younger generations: Gersang means deserted, not horny.

I guess it’s true what they say; To move forward, sometimes you need to go backwards.

ps: Tight schedule ahead! I’m missing my daily coffee dose.


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  1. I know that. But they are emo, no doubt about that.

  2. taking back sunday is good to listen too…hehehe. listen to them every single day

  3. haha gersang? ➡
    my dad suke dgr lagu2 gersang, iklim, bumiputera rockers etc

    daily coffee dose?
    i have a few cans of boss latte
    nak tak 😛

  4. I have a whole carton of pokka vanilla coffee 🙄

  5. saya suka kumpulan raihan, they portray emotion in their own way!!! *dududu…*

  6. eheh. i have my own pieces playing I dont love you and Helena by MCR. but im neither a fan nor emo lover. :p

  7. EMO? 😐
    dekat shopping complex sekarang ni mmg banyak budak emo seluar ketat lilit mafler dekat leher.

    secondhand serenade mmg best. one man band.

  8. lagu-lagu lama mmg shahdu 😉 tapi band zaman tu tentu tak suka digelar emo… haha

  9. perasan tak lagu2 melayu emo byk ‘play victim’? semua kesedihan salah so and so for tinggalkan so and so.

    it’s nice to serenade on shifting the ‘blame’ to others.

    bayangkan gersang or sesapa buat lagu ‘memang salah aku, tak perasan kau memang dah nak tinggalkan aku, sebab aku kuat marah, kaki pukul dsb’

    ok, maybe not kaki pukul lah.

    still its weird to write a song on ‘self blaming’ although it is sometimes the truth.

  10. So classic.. If u tune in to Sinar FM u will be listen to this kind of song most of the time.. Evergreen..

  11. Eh, ade la lagu yg tak blame orang lain.

    The thing about emo, it has double meaning. Unless the song writer choose to tell, you have to figure it out yourself.

    But I agree, mostly shifting the blame to others.

    ps: the AME last week, orang ckp ramai hot gile. rugi tak pergi. hahaa (but then again, no docs. Hampe..)

  12. Helo nemesis. I do listen, but not a fan.

  13. one man kah? It’s a band kan? Like I said, I dont Google for these artist except Marie Digby

  14. I’m not an emo fan.

    But I have a release from Sunny Day Real Estate. Do checkout,bro. They lent their hand in bringing up the emo subgenre, from underground hype to mainstream surface. The Emo Papas, perhaps?

    The former frontman,Jeremy Enigk now flying solo with superb releases.


  15. doc sibuk dekat hospital la.. duhh..

  16. i have “0” knowledge of emo.. but i like chemical romance..

  17. Try Story of the Year :up:

  18. haha..speaking of music, i can listen to anything..be it emo, metalcore, alt rock, nasyid etc…it really depends on my mood..

    Secondhand serenade rules..!

  19. kalau gersang yg satu lagi pun apa salahnya…

    sayu sungguh lagu gersang…

  20. saya dengar je semua lagu. kalu besh di telinga ni, so, sedap la dengar. hehehe. tak pernah hafal nama artis or nama lagu.. dengar je.. hohohho 😛

  21. eww. I don’t like this song. jiwang karat. hahaha.

    tapi between the three, i suka secondhand serenade je. hoho.

  22. by lagu2 emo dalam “the rock” movie by mamat khalid. aku suka ngan lagu2 bpr. hehe 🙂

  23. I second that!

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