Draw The Bloody Room

I’ve meaning to give Google SketchUp a try, I finally did.

Dad approved me moving into the new room. However, he’d like to see how I wanted it to be, in 3D! He thinks 3D drawings are easy (of course they are, given the right tools).

sketchup_logo.png I was thinking of AutoCAD, but it’s too complex for me to understand. Plus I’d need to size up the house before I can do anything. This is where Google SketchUp comes in. It’s light weight, 33mb only and it’s free. You can download it here.

It took a few minutes to familiarize, another hour to memorize short keys.


The room with 2 single beds is my current room. I’ll be moving to the room next to it. (It has a room in a room, WOOT!)


The room layout if there’s no balcony. (Seriously, who needs a balcony?)

I only drew the walls and floors. The rest using the ‘Get Models’ feature, which loads pre-designed 3D drawings from the Internet.

If you’re thinking of taking up 3D designs or learning new computer skills, seriously, try Google’s SketchUp. But I have to warn you, it’s addictive. Let’s just hope the renovation is completed before Eid.

ps: I’m not busy, just tired of blogging and people.


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  1. hmm..klo lakar pun blk bukannya bleh bsar… 😮

  2. yup
    sketch-up is easy.
    U might want to install some pluggins like vray and kerkeythea though; just to have a look at it pretty + lighting & space quality etc 😀

  3. Finally. Ingatkan dah tak nak sentuh…heheh.

    Explore maxwell render and see the ease in the workflow, with great end result.

  4. waa.. baru nk try, tp sebab kemungkinan addictive.. lepak dlu kot.. :kiss:

  5. design untuk bilik je ke? hehe

  6. Ouh.. Nice.. Now I know what to use to design my dream home. Muahahahahaha… Thanks for sharing. 😛

  7. dulu dah guna…masa nk sketch design airflow untuk casing computer.mmg layab..kalau dah try tutorial dia mmg lg mengketagih kan…

  8. wow.. series menatang macam ni yang aku carik selama ni. nak jadi arkitek google la lepas ni.. hahaha..
    thanks beb..

    P/S: memang autocad memeningkan kepala. dah tak hengat dah mende alah tuh macam mane nak mula.. aku lebih selesa pakai 3D Max.

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