Don’t Teach Your Fiancee TeamViewer

I outsourced some of my work to AR because she wanted new shoes. ( I don’t believe in free lunch.. hahaha). To be fair, I gave her some of my PHP work. I’m sure she can get it done easily 😉

The first thing we needed to do was keep the files in sync. The best way to do this is via DropBox. However we ran into some  difficulties, so I asked her to install TeamViewer on her Mac.

I showed her some tricks and wahlaaaa.. she took charge of my PC. Guess what happened?

She facebbook-jacked me and got a lot of likes (which I rarely get btw).

Lesson learned, don’t teach your better half TeamViewer, not only they’ll control your PC, but also your world. LOL

ps: Sorry if I’ve been boring these past few weeks.


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