Don’t Let Me Drown

I’ve decided, I will no longer write about politic here at NH. I will no longer be a loyal servant of Google’s SEO. You can go to or Bongkersz to read endless rants on politics. I figured I don’t need to be likable in the cyber world. So I’ll just stick to being the emo me.


Post 90’s favorite, Bic Runga. Definitely my evergreen song.Here

Sometimes, When you and I collide,
I fall into an ocean of you, Pull me out in time.

This is a continuity of Ninie’s recent post. I happened to stumbled upon my ex few months ago. It struck me, why didn’t it work out?

Was I too hard headed? Was I too demanding? Was I too pushy? Was I too emotional, sensitive at times? or was it just a fling not love?

Or was she all the above?

Love-dovey story is not my cup of tea (quoted). Somehow I’m just glad it didn’t work out (though I have yet to figure out the reason). Gut instinct? Yeah, that’s the Scorpio trait.

She’s now working for some multi-national bank and a part time model.

ps: I never liked showbiz girls, no matter how alluring they can be   ➡

pss: Back to work eddie! Dateline in 12 hours    🙄

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