Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge

Downpour again. Heavy stream of water flooded the streets, washing away sins and cigarette buds. “Hujan rahmat” they call it.

I had to wait until it stops. I should’ve brought an umbrella, I told myself.

There in the darker shades, lies a homeless guy. Chummy, dirty and filthy. He looked at me and smiled. I mirrored his gesture, being a good citizen I am.

He stood up and walked towards me. One step forward, I took 2 steps back. He finally cornered me at the end of the pathway. If I were to make another move, I’d be wet! Oh WTH 😈

Hehehe, grinned the man, revealing his empty ‘sockets’ slowly leaning in my direction. I clinched my fist, getting myself ready in case he’d jump and inject me with ebola.

Ye Pakcik? – I asked to break the tense air.

“Your fly is open”. He walked back to his shady shelter.

ps: What’s wrong with GAP jeans? The ‘fly’ keeps falling off or that part of me wants to fly?

Moral: Don’t be too quick to judge 😯

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23 thoughts on “Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge”

  1. How ironic.. LOL …

    In this world today, it’s easy for us to jump into our own conclusion.. what you did was just a safety precaution ..

    p.s: get Levi’s jeans next time πŸ˜€

    melbie’s last blog post..Justice Is Served?

  2. πŸ˜† kui kui kui

    saspen jer tadi!

    nasib baik pakcik yg tegur.
    kalau awek…lain citer dah ➑

    p/s: thanx for accepting me as 1 of your blogging buddies bro.
    really really appreciate it! :up:
    salute! peace!


  3. life’s like that. full of false beliefs. just because we think homeless people are bad, most of them aren’t. that’s what the media did to us. in fact, they are perfectly harmless most of the time. just stinky sket sometimes. tu jek.

    norlinie’s last blog post..Where Do You Hide?

  4. we tend to think that homeless people have ill intentions. haha! nice of that uncle to inform you about ur lil fly. LOL! πŸ˜†

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