Do You Plurk?

Some of you may have no idea what Plurk is. In short, it’s a micro-blogging platform. Like any of my obsession, this too, will fade away. But while, I’m on the bang, I might as well explain a bit.


twitter-vs-plurk1.pngIf you’ve heard of Twitter, then you’re likely to understand Plurk. Except Twitter is in serial conversation, Plurk is in parallel. This means if you’re on Twitter, your topic/status will be overlapped once someone posted something new. Plurk on the other hand has nested topic/status. There’s no way you’d get lost.

Another thing that upsets me is Twitter’s downtime. It’s so frequent, you don’t have to blog about it.

Still no idea? I suggest you register and see what’s cooking.

Plurk Mac Template

Plurk is skinnable. Being a CSS freak, I couldn’t stop myself from designing my own template. Plurk Mac Template based on Apple’s (or Mac’s) default wallpaper.

Since I’m not a Mac geek, I will only be using this for a week.

If you want to use this template, you need to register and install this template by clicking here.

ps: If you’re on Plurk, add me, NoktahHitam.

pss: Boring post, I know. I just want to let it out before focusing on something critical.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. still cannot sleep. plurk… plurk… plurkkk… blurps! yeah. plurk is fun! hahaha… spam2 to increase karma 🙂

  2. yeah, plurk is so much better than twitter
    may i spam ur plurk 😛

  3. more and more people addicted to plurk !! muahahhahhahaha

  4. tatau …. i have no idea.

  5. this is yet another something-something so similar to twitter…

    i myself are lost in setting up my twitter… let another plurk pass me by then…

    im sticking to blogging and only blogging…

    (not until someone invites me to plurk together… hehe…)

  6. I’ll invite you to plurk. Seriously give it a spin. Add a few friends, and you’ll find yourself laughing with strangers 🙂

  7. hoho kali terakhir aku update aku punya plurk adalah pada bulan julai.. hohooh masa tu tgah beta testing lagi…

  8. haha… will do mister!

  9. Plurk ni cam serabut je tapi bila da lama mcm best plak. sayangnya msih lom rmai org tahu.

    apa2 pun satakat ni setia ngan Twitter dulu.

    ps : minta2 Twitter leh lawan Plurk pasal Plurk ada Timeline, Karma, Emoticon n ntah pape yg mngarut lg.

  10. I’ve been using Plurk for about five months and I have to say that the novelty does wear off a little over time… when life got busier for me, I started to Plurk less. Not to mention a few arguments over Plurk and that got me even less interested…

    The Plurk karma system is a double-ended sword. It makes sures that you Plurk at least a few times a day to keep you interested, but it also turns you off especially when you’re going on a vacation and have no access to Plurk (and you see your karma fall into oblivion) 😮 I don’t know whether the karma system is a good thing afterall.

    It started off with good intentions but I believe the Plurk team has edited the karma system over time to make it more demanding on our behalf to keep your karma afloat. Ooof.

    But for the moment being, enjoy plurking NH! 🙂

  11. Aku rase nak try.. kejap… aku register dulu.. nanti aku add korang..

  12. I don’t really care about the Karma. For all I care it could drop to zero and I wouldn’t mind at all.

    It’s the thought of knowing/sharing with stranger that intrigues me. Somehow we feel connected although we’ve never met in real life.

    It’s like aeropama, he went missing (busy with work), he couldn’t update his blog. It’s nice to let others know you are still alive and kicking, but busy. Micro-blogging could at least help to inform others of your whereabouts.

    Of course there’s a proximity limit to every ‘plurk’.

  13. twitter slalu down :down:

    kalau pasang widget die, kene plak off plak coding die sekejap. Leceh!

  14. karma is everthing in plurk.. since USM had unblock the plurk.. now im addicted to it.. aaaargh.. 🙄

  15. ni macam twitter je aku rasa.. 🙂

  16. sticking to twitter…heheh

  17. Lain sikit.. lagi syok plurk.. try la..

  18. hmm . is plurk using ruby too?

  19. I do plurk, add me then~

  20. youre added 😀

  21. ehm..nanti aku usha.. 🙂 🙂

  22. yaaa…plurk is rawk… 😎

  23. haha…
    congratulations for making addicted to plurk. now i have something to do during my insomnia seasonal-attack.

  24. i have both : plurk and twitter. both of them has their own weakness and properties that i like. so, i kept both of them. hehee. :kiss: 🙂

  25. I have both too. Twitter, many friends. Plurk, build a new circle of friends.

  26. syokkk laa… mengorat je kerja anda 👿

  27. Sometimes the noise ratio in Plurk is killing me, or perhaps I’m just not a social person on the Internet.

    I’d rather document my geeky stuff (mostly programming) on Twitter, and got a lot of feedback from other programmers too. Simplicity at its best.

  28. I plurk for a while.. now it’s a bit boring again.. Why I always get bored easily with things? 😕

  29. gua jumpa budak name NH kat plurk tgh borak ngan awek pasal kuhek3x. kekek!

  30. isk ET, biarkan jela… bila lg nak kenal NH? haha :up: 😀

  31. borak pasal kuhek? Apekah itu?

  32. kenapa takde satu service bleh lawan dgn twitter setakat nih.

    sbb twitter simple. cuma utk sampaikan message.

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