Do I Need Mobile Computing?

I’ve been contemplating about this for a while, mobile computing.

Do I Need Mobile Computing?

I have an excellent phone (nokia 5800) which does almost everything a modern mobile phone can do. Twitter, Facebook, GPS, browsing, video call etc, but somehow, being cramped into a 640 pixel isn’t enough.

PC Fair is just around the corner. And with the new launch of MBP lines, I’m thinking about opting one. My office got me a Lenovo laptop, but the power is insufficient. Certainly doesn’t help when they blocked social and sports website.

Sometimes I’m just annoyed when I have to do my research to tighten my proposals. Not only I have to share the bandwidth with everyone else in the building, some sites are even blocked! Don’t even bother about Youtube, it’s blocked by default.

It boils down to usage. What do I want it for?

  1. To be able to work anywhere around KL.
  2. To surf freely in my own office.
  3. To do things faster in the office.
  4. To do my part time web developer job.

So I guess I will be visiting the PC Fair afterall to check on rates. First stop, definitely Celcom then the rest of the ISP. Let’s just hope the office could absorb the cost of my mobile computing.

Do I Need Mobile Computing?Do I Need Mobile Computing?

ps: Apelah sangat RM100 per month, compared to hundred thousands worth proposal monthly?

pss: Although this is an Advertorial for Celcom, I am tempted to get the Celcom Broadband + HP Mini @ RM 888 + RM 68 monthly or the free USB modem promo. So come on, grab your keys and meet you at the PC fair 🙂


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  1. mungkin ko buleh amik pakej internet tanpa had…
    jadikan hp ko skarang sbg modem jadi tak perlu
    amik broadband lagi..

    cadangan je bro 😉

  2. hp sebagai modem? Panas laa phone aku. Aku rase kene modem gak.

  3. What’s up with that colorful Myvi?

  4. hehe, pc fair is the best!! hoho.. aku slalunye pegi PCF nie nak usha kad graphic murah2.. hoho, tapi kalo laptop yang ko nak.. beli laa VAIO yang bleh letak dalam poket tue.. style seyh.. tapi aku tatau apa nama dia..

  5. The MyVi so cute! How did Celcom manage to get the car there ? Lol…

  6. You’ve been quite quiet in here, haven’t you?


  7. Lazy? Hmmm…That doesn’t sound like you at all, beb…

  8. too buffled up about office bro. Now demam plak. So my blog, isn’t getting the attention it used to.

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