Dilemma of a JPA Medical Student

Today, I read at Kit Siang’s blog about a medical student who wants to stay abroad to undergo further training. She/He was ranting about the unfairness of JPA’s regulation and officer for being ‘short-sighted’.

As a doctor lover, I am compelled to write to you from every point point of view I can ever imagine.

  1. You are studying with tax payers money. We spent almost a million per medical student, and there is approximately 2,000 of you overseas. So please, come back and serve the nation.
  2. Malaysia is short of doctors. On calls in Malaysia is often more than developed countries, this is due to shortage of Doctors. So please come back and give them a hand.
  3. Housemanship in Malaysia is totally different. From the management stand point, most developed country’s hospital has a system called HIS (hospital information system). In Malaysia, we only have 15 hospitals equipped with HIS. Once you are familiar with HIS, you will have a hard time getting things done manually. So please come back and make a difference.
  4. Strengthen your core. I understand that you want to further improve your expertise. However please note that we are not a developed country nor emerging country. We are stuck in between. Having an oncologist with no MRI machine doesn’t serve the purpose does it? So please come back and understand.
  5. Don’t be selfish. If you are sincere, please come back and help the poor.
  6. Just come back-lah!

Kit Siang didn’t slam them, instead he let his readers do the dirty work. The public was harsh and most wants the student to come back ASAP. Playing safe huh Kit Siang? (great move…really!)

ps : I think I wrote a similar post before. Oh well, dejavu maybe 🙄

pss : I-O-U, “Lose 10kg in 2 months” 😯

psss: SomeoneFromThePast (SFTP) is my grand father. He passed away 10th Nov 2003. He left me his ‘sight’ ❓

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