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As a Telco Business Analyst, my daily task is to read up on telco bits and pieces all day. Anything new, I’d be the first to figure out. That also includes white papers, case studies, crunching numbers and finding ways to enable telco. Aside from my work, I am what they call a cheap mobile phone user but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze money from me. So here’s how..

Entry Level Broandband

All over the telco atmosphere, the cheapest rate you can possibly get is RM 68 and that’s thru DiGi Smart Plan. But for me, RM 68 is too expensive. It’s not like I want to use Internet everyday on my mobile phone. The screen is too small to see anything. And seriously, who’d want to download a Dvd-rip movies onto their mobile? (this plan also does not include calls to other phone)

Then there’s the RM15 for a week by DiGi. Unfortunately, DiGi only offers this to prepaid users, when we all know that the ARPU* for prepaid user is averaged at RM50 per month and the biggest spender is the postpaid user, ARPU of RM 100 per month. So why focus on the 80% when the 20% of DiGi’s network user is ‘very keen’ on spending more? (ARPU – Average Revenue per User)

Too some extent, I am pretty upset when the RM15 deal is only for Prepaid users only. I mean, I want to spend, additional RM 20-30 per month on mobile broadband too. You know, to do my social obligations, facebook-ing, tweet-ing and foursquare-ing. And maybe sometimes, Google up things on the fly to appear smart.

Here’s a recap of DiGi’s available plan.

  1. Smart Plan. RM 68 per month, unlimited data, not including calls etc.
  2. Max5. RM 5 per day =RM 60 per month, but I don’t need unlimited data
  3. Unlimited15. RM 15 per week, only for Prepaid.
  4. iDiGi88. RM 60 per month, 200 minute, 20 sms & 1Gb download
  5. Discover. RM 68 per month, needs laptop & modem 3Gb

Can you find the flaw? What about the likes of me? Someone who needs less that 100 Mb per month? Well, there’s always the on-the-go Internet, 10 sen per 10kb. But imagined if you fired up Google, that’s about 36kb so it’s 36 sen. When you search something, another 66kb. In the end, it’s gonna cost me RM 1 for 1 search. That’s pretty ridiculous don’t you think?

So here’s what I think is a new plan that DiGi can package to squeeze some juice out of moderate user like me.

Entry Level Plan – RM 10 per month for 150 Mb. Just nice to do some social thingy on the phone. Coupled that with DG50, it’ll be a prefect combo.

Through the DiGi’s Discover plan, RM68 is for 3Gb, therefore per Mb is 2.2 sen. So if I want 150 Mb it’ll cost me RM 3.3. But charging me at such a low rate is suicidal if not insane. I mean, you guys have to make quick bucks too right? What more being questioned by your share holder. So RM 10 for 150 Mb is reasonable (heck that’s 300%).

Assuming there are 1 million postpaid users and the take up rate is 15% based on your successful marketing campaign, that’ll bring DiGi revenue of RM 1.5 million a month. With such a good bargain, there’ll be more MNP-ing into DiGi network, not to mention Prepaid conversions to Postpaid. This is also inline with MCMC’s plan of 50% broadband penetration by end of Q4 2010.

So there you go DiGi, something smart from your consumer.

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pss: I am not paid to do this, but I think it’s the right thing to do.

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