Dendam Kesumat Darjah Satu

I was doing some light shopping at a hypermarket nearby and saw my standard 1 teacher. I knew it in my heart, I must go and talk to her.

“Cikgu!”, gently I called upon her. “Ye saye?”, she replied.

“1989-1990, Taman Nirwana, Kelas 1A. Dulu cikgu mengajar kelas saya”, me making sure she was the right person. She nodded,”awak siapa?”, asking me back, being a typical citizen. Afterall, it’s not easy to strike a conversation with stranger these days.

“Cikgu dulu baling pensil warna 24 batang yang berharga RM9.80 ke dinding. Kemudian suruh saya pungut. Lalu mengheret saya ke depan kelas sambil menarik telinga saya. Cikgu lepas tu suruh saya berdiri depan papan hitam sampai habis kelas.” I smirked, full of sarcasm, pun very much intended.

She looked at me in disbelief. “Huh?” she said and paused. “Kenapa?” she asked.

At this point, anger has consumed me. I could feel the fire eating away my common sense. Back then, the only thing I treasured most in my early schooling was my colored pencil, not because it was expensive, but because I liked drawing that much. I used to draw and color when ever I feel like doing it.

“Kenape kenape pulak? Saya nak tanya, kenapa cikgu baling pensil warna saya ke dinding?” I asked her.

She looked up, obviously I am much taller than her. “Bende dah lama, manalah saya ingat.”

That wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear. The air was tensed, this is what I have stored for a very long time. I must unleash this evil thought of mine once and for all. Afterall, she broke all the colored pencil’s lead. It time to make her accountable for all her sins.

“Cikgu, masa saya darjah 1, saya sudah habis belajar sampai darjah 3 di rumah. Ibubapa saya pon pernah cakap dekat cikgu masa ambil buku rekod pelajar. Jadi sama ada saya tumpukan perhatian di dalam kelas atau tidak, itu bukan masalah saya. Itu masalah budak lain. Saya cuma ingat saya sedang asyik melukis kapal perang, cikgu tetibe maki hamun marah saya.” I expressed my anger.

“Habis tu, awak nak saya buat apa? Mintak maaf?”, she was being defensive about the things she did 20 years ago.

“Kurang ajar.” softly those words uttered from my mouth. “Kalau saya baling cikgu dekat rak sos ni pon tade gune.”

She looked like she was ready to make a run for it.

“Lain kali ingat. Tak semua murid akan hormat dekat awak sebab awak tu cikgu.” I left her speechless. Deep down, I was glad. Not only did I managed to unleash my anger, I’ve also ‘morally’ threatened her. Boy, that felt good!

To all teachers: Students may appear like litters of kitten, but some, are lion’s cub. So beware of whom you’re looking after.

Discussion: Whilst it was my mistake for not paying attention as it was TOO BORING, the teacher has no rights to destroy a personal property and make them do useless things. I admit, I am very vengeful when it comes to being oppressed. Now it’s time to find that crippled Discipline teacher who forced me to admit I stole from the canteen!

ps: The teacher looked very scared. Who wouldn’t? Glad I made her feel that way. Padan muka!

pss: I remembered every detail not because I have a very good memory, but because I was really mad at her for destroying my colored pencil.

psss: Yes, I am evil. But not a sadist.

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