Dell Latitude Boast 19 Hours!

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I’m currently on the look out for a new computer system. Exceptionally wonderful laptop or Super Desktop + Netbook? Until I came across this on Dell (MYS) website.

Dell Latitude 19 hours

This is too much. It made my squeaky-10-minutes-tops-laptop looked like child’s play. So 19 hours on a single charge? That.. that.. that is a CON, SCAM, FRAUD, PENIPU! (actually I’m envious).

I have three two options now,

Dell XPS 1530 Dell Latitude NEW

Option 1: Super ‘gile-babi’ laptop. I could carry my work everywhere, including some intense graphic design and gaming activity. Bad, usually heavy, overpriced small screen, gets hot easily, if it dies on me, I’m dead. Either an XPS or Latitude, allocated 5k.

Dual Screen System MSI Wind 10 inch Netbook Lenovo 10 inch Netbook

Option 2: Powerful desktop and a 10-inch Netbook. I can do more work on desktop and carry a slim Netbook for an hour presentation. The bad, synchronizing data. Cheapskate clone PC + MSI Wind or Lenovo S10 allocated 3.5k + 1.5k.

Macbook Pro

Option 3: Get a Macbook Pro. Other than cool factor, I have to consider software licensing issues. Cool factor, cool factor. Scrapped, hail Mike Arrington.

Not in consideration: HP & Compaq. I had 3 laptops from the same maker. It’s always the same case of overheating.

I guess it comes down to Option 2. Maximum output when at home and for mobility, I could carry my Netbook everywhere. Synchronization can be done using an 8gb USB and PortableApps.


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  1. Aku cadangkan ko amik option 2 dengan MSI wind

  2. fuh..aku pon nk laptop sendiri dok belasah laptop opis jer…

  3. options 1 seems nice. and options 2 give you two computers. so options 2 it is :up:

  4. wah dah lama tak baca blog ekau. Apasal MBP kau scrape lak? Si Mike tu cam IT illiterate je. Depends on the user i guess, tapi aku still ke arah MBP la. Piracy pun meluas apa kat ladang epal tu. XPS pun not bad try again, tapi as long as its vista, im against it. Heh..

    Btw, ko punya blog ni buat la mobile friendly. Lagi best baca dimana2!

  5. org mcm ko patut dapat desktop yang mini tuh. tapi harddisk kena 1.5tb kot. memory 8gb. processor intel yang latest. coolant yang style pakai liquid tuh. hehe ➡

    for mobility just get the 12.1inch cukup. just for presentation je kan. hehe :up:

    aku pernah hilang data/emails sebab sync dulu. tension giler :vangry:

  6. with 3.5k, mane leh dapat spec ko tu.

    10 inch lagi cukup utk presentation

  7. better ko ambik XPS…spec pn superb jugak…design pn nampak lasak.. :up:

  8. i think u have to consider the 2nd option. ya lah, u already use the laptop right?

    19 hrs!? is it true!? if that i must get one. hu3.

    now, i’m interested to know a lot about netbook. hu3.

  9. 🙄 I was about to poison you to grab the MBP, but you scrapped it out from the list. Hahahaha. Hurm, yup. No compaq, no HP, I love Dell. If you got one with vista, UPGRADE it to XP. should be far better. weeeee~ 🙂

  10. MBP too much for me. I might get an iMac though.

  11. 😉 then, you can join forces with AisyahRozi laa.. Hehehe.

  12. the thing I hate about MAC is, it’s over priced. If I were to buy one from US, convert to RM, I’d save a few hundreds. Note: we don’t have tax for PC.

    Sadly this comes with no surprise on other PC as well. Made in Malaysia, but a few bucks expensive compared to westerners.

    Now you wonder, who has more spending power, westerners or asian?

  13. ko pakai google reader.

    MBP is ok, but I think it’s over power and heavy. Piracy ladang epal mmg best, pakai clone pc pon bole pakai MAC. Hahaha

  14. 19 hours, agak skeptical to be honest. Unless you use Notepad, or leave it on idle, I think its possible.

    If I were to go on any of the option, I’ll sell my current laptop.

  15. i see. if that so, will be more prefer to the 2nd option.

    if they have 6 hrs running battery, it’s rather than enough to me for the time being. hu3.

  16. go for 2nd option :up: powerful desktop memang syiok habis, the other 10 inch for presentation, perfect!

    ps: lol.. cheapskate clone pc haha!

  17. Hehehe, you recommended a Dell XPS for my sis before, and she got it now… now you have higher requirements than my sister, so Option 2 it should be :up:

    Note on that HP & Compaq: How very true! My lady boss previously boasted to us that she bought 2 HP RM4K plus laptops for the kids and said Dell is not good, and now she sent the laptops to HP Service centre for 2 times (for each laptop) already … and now she’s asking about my Dell! Ha, served her right 👿 and mine is an Inspiron, she didn’t know about the XPS else she’ll flip with envy for sure … 😛

  18. HP & compaq overheating? 0_0
    i tot that toshiba is the super bengong uber overheating one LOL

  19. all my compaq seems to be overheating. Even if I leave in DOS mode. Gile mengong

  20. Your sis got XPS? wahh envy you like gile!

    Is it overheating when using more than the normal time?

  21. Yep, maybe you missed the post 🙂

    As You Recommended

    Why envy me… my sister is the lucky one! 😛 I’m still using my heavy-like-rock Inspiron LOL.. as for overheating, I don’t think so … sis never complain so far, but I’ll ask her again for you 🙂

  22. Try Dell Vostro. I used it for heavy programming on optimization algorithm. No problem.

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