Defensive and Emotionless

As quoted by AngelicSinner, I have lost my touch and flare in writing as compared to my previous blog. I know, I am being all defensive and trying to play safe at NoktahHitam.

Here’s the story. I like to study my traffic, incoming, outgoing, clicks etc. Weeks ago, a peculiar domain came up and has been directing traffic to NoktahHitam ever since. Curious by nature, I visited their web. It’s my uncles’ (my dads’ friends, MCKK, Class of 74)!

A good guy or a bad guy? I don’t really care what people make of me. Life is too short to listen to critics. I want to be transparent again (at least make you believe I am).

PS: No wonder dad came to know of my secret project.
PSS: Uncles, don’t delete my blog from your website. Parents need to listen too.
PSSS: In! I know now the difference between ed-ku and NoktahHitam. yay~

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