Decade’s Worth of Resolution

Most of us are hyped about making a new year’s resolution, but what we forgot is, we are entering a new decade. What better ways to start a decade with having sets of long term goals.

Of course, I am obligated to share and remind myself what are my goals

1. Get Married. People say, I’m picky and fussy about the whole idea of marriage. Some say I have commitment issues. Both of them are true. The idea of marriage may take a while for me to sink in and I pretty much want to be married to a special someone for the rest of my life. Unlike shopping for a pair of comfy jeans, which I can replace annually, I have to be picky when it comes to this. To whom, that’s the already another issue and I believe I do NOT need to justify why I choose a doc.

2. Have Great Little NH. If you didn’t get that, it’s having kids. I have a soft spot for kids. I have been in touch with my paternal side for as long as I can remember. Let’s just hope God grants my kids a great mom.

3. Financial Freedom. Like most of us, I do have debts. Car loan, business loan, personal loan, credit card and I am not ashamed to admit I do have problems managing my finance. But throughout this decade, I want to settle them all, except housing loans.

4. Finish What I Started. I have the tendency to get bored over the things I’ve initiated, e.g. reading a book. Half way through if I’ve figured out what the contents are, I’d probably stop. Similarly in other areas, start ups, projects, hobby, writing songs etc. So as part of the resolution, I want to see everything to the end.

5. Do Wonders to Malaysia. When I was in the UK, I was very much pleased with the whole system. It enabled me in many ways, I even had a company over there. But I went home instead, with every intention of contributing to my nation. To my dismay, I did nothing. I decided to re-visit this resolution. (Thinking of teaching night class for free. Imagine Engineers teaching Add Math/Physics, Lawyers teach BM/English.. wouldn’t that be great?)

6. Solidify My Existance. Particularly in academics and corporate. I plan to take up Masters this year at UTM KL and maybe pursue a doctorate degree. Areas I’m looking forward to is rather broad, but should be governed within Management, Islamic and International Business. And since I’m very much supervised by great bosses, I plan on capitalizing and learning as much as I could from them.

7. Be a Good Family Member. I know, throughout my entire life, I have been a pain in the ass. Everything must be done my way. My ego was so huge, I even cower people away. Those were unintentional mistake I’ve paved; to belittle others through intelligence and harsh words. But since everyone is pretty much grown up, I am slowly accepting the fact that two (or more) is better than one. I am extending this resolutions to my friends too.

Seven huge resolution is enough for the decade. The ideal outcome for all this effort is to become a better person.

“Engage your brain before putting your mouth in gear”

ps: I do have a new year and a quarterly resolution. For short and emergency goals 😉

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