Dah Tua Pon Nak Bertumbuk, Bodoh

Few days ago Karpal threw a slanderous remark to UMNO in Parliament. He said “Celaka”. As long as I can recall, I’ve never addressed people in such manner, although ideally, they are. As you know, I’m not all that polite. Celaka, afterall is the worst kind of insult.

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Outside the parliament yesterday, UMNO troopers decided to bash the crippled DAP. Great, a battle royal.

A question for you, do you think it’s worth, wasting your Saturday, barging into human flood, basked under the warm daylight to vote for these people? No.

A politician is a leader, entrusted by citizens to do the right thing. To do what’s best for the nation. To steer away from poverty. To enlighten burdens and hear grieves of the unfortunate. Most importantly, to help people.

As far as I know, they’re just helping themselves.

Politicians are ‘respected’ people no matter what end of straw they hold. Whilst intelligent in many areas, one particular area these moron can’t manage, EGO.

In the old days, whenever I got into a fist fight with my brothers, dad would interrogate both party. Often leaves him banging our head against each other, physically. Aku sakit, kau sakit, padan muka.

ps: If I were to go into politics, I’d focus on making Malaysia green.

pss: Zubedy bought a full page ads, urging politician to get to work. and I thought I was the only pure awesomeness.


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  1. ok bro…take your pick…menteri pertanian, menteri alam sekitar or both? bila aku jadi PM, aku bg mana yg ko pilih…

    org politik ni makin lama makin lembu…hampeh ! ๐Ÿ˜•

  2. Its a disgracee to Malaysia pilitics.. In this bad times, they still fight each other like small kids, and just dont know how to spend time helping the citizen, how stupid are them waiting for a fight from 1.30pm to 2.30pm. 20 people * 1 hour = 20 hours, you can do lots of thing with 20 hours..

  3. haha.. cam budak sekolah rendah la dorang nie…

  4. Mereka ni memang hampeh. Tengok aje siaran langsung dewan, macam apa je. segala bahasa kuar. malu pulak tgk. ini ke perangai org yg jadi pemimpin. huh! seb baik tak register vote lagi, kalau tak nyese rasa nya.

    ps: “Often leaves him banging our head against each other, physically..”

    yeah! my parent did the same. kadang tu “pi dapur amik pisau dgn parang, masingยฒ bunuh masingยฒ, lagi senang.” then memasing akan kau tu la. apa pulak aku? engkau la. hahahah what a memories.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  5. Haihh.. As they grow older, their brain becomes more and more like a child. Diorang nie tak malu ker?

  6. aku terkejut gak bila baca paper pagi tadi.. boleh pulak diorang bergaduh macam tu.. kepimpinan melalui teladan.. sorg x jaga mulut.. sorg lagi panas baran.. haa.. bagus sangat la tu.. makin lama makin menjadi2.. gile kuasa ke hape..??

  7. cop, aku rase karpal sebut “cilaka”.

  8. I blogged about Anas Zubedy’s advert too. Total awesome-ness :up:

    Umno Youth memang cheebuy.. Nah I said it.

  9. Aku nak menteri pertahanan, bole aku test drive jet2 pejuang moden.. wahaha

  10. Ramai dah mereng sbb kuasa menguasa jiwa… aish.. apa la nak jadi… Tun M ngan Nik Aziz pon xder tumbuk, perli2 ada la..

  11. Politics :down:
    Kenapa perlu ada banyak sangat parti ah?
    Kalau betul lar ahli-ahli politik ni ‘kerja’ untuk rakyat..
    sepatutnya tak ada hal lah..

  12. i’ve read about the Zubedy’s confession over the local newspapers. ๐Ÿ™‚ pure! I like it.

    my respect will goes only to the one who can settle the economy crisis!

    others… go to h**l

  13. “…Iโ€™d focus on making Malaysia green”

    That’s cool! aku sgt suka kalo Msia buat sistem asing sampah mcm kat sini,w’pun mula2 menyusahkan tp lama2 dah biasa…
    dan pasang Photovoltaics atas bumbung, elektrik yg terjana tu leh dijual balik kpd pembekal

    if only i had the power…

  14. ur last post about WP for wwf leads me to earth hour 28 march ni..and malaysia participate this year ,wohoo!

  15. if they’re doing what politicians s’pose to be doing, i’ll run around my house naked… ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  16. they are getting s*ck! :down:

    Dalam masa ekonomi ngan merudum gila, masih nak tunjuk hero!

    Stupidos! ๐Ÿ˜ก

  17. hoho..aku pun ada baca iklan zubedy tue. semoga mesej dia sampai kat orang yg sepatutnya. hehe.

  18. ed, ko rasa between najib and anwar, sape menang fist fight? aku rasa yg lagi ‘besar’ menang kut. ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Politics are inherented dirty, it’s just that our politicians did a ‘fail’ job in keeping things under wraps ๐Ÿ™‚ That means lots of free-for-all circus show for the people, although I condone their choice of fist fights over actual work.

    Kudos to Zubedy for running the ads! Must be very costly but I hope that will at least awaken some of the rowdy and rouge politicians out there.

  20. i agree when there is some bloggers addressed some politicians as the ‘moving parasite’ on Earth.


    they only think about their pocket while eating rakyat’s sweats. damn. even the alien will never pity them if there’s invade on Earth ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  21. ahaks… battle royale ek…!? only 1 will survive… best man win… ;p

  22. Macam budak-budak..
    Sorang x reti jaga mulut..Yang lain tu pantang kene provoke..Especially diprovoke oleh Karpal..

    Lepas ni parlimen jd gelanggan battle royal..bukan cam movie tu..tapi cam wrestling..

  23. Dua2 pun hampes.

    Yang satu pihak pukul orang guna mulut, satu lagi pakai tangan.


  24. tak gaduh dalam politik memang tak sah… politik tetap akan berterusan sedemikian rupa selagi ada pembangkang dan pemerintah… parlimen tetap akan bergegar dengan kerenah ahli DUN masing-masing yang akan bertegang urat saraf setiap kali parlimen bersidang… sidang bertegang urat parlimen…

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