Dah Tua Pon Nak Bertumbuk, Bodoh

Few days ago Karpal threw a slanderous remark to UMNO in Parliament. He said “Celaka”. As long as I can recall, I’ve never addressed people in such manner, although ideally, they are. As you know, I’m not all that polite. Celaka, afterall is the worst kind of insult.

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Outside the parliament yesterday, UMNO troopers decided to bash the crippled DAP. Great, a battle royal.

A question for you, do you think it’s worth, wasting your Saturday, barging into human flood, basked under the warm daylight to vote for these people? No.

A politician is a leader, entrusted by citizens to do the right thing. To do what’s best for the nation. To steer away from poverty. To enlighten burdens and hear grieves of the unfortunate. Most importantly, to help people.

As far as I know, they’re just helping themselves.

Politicians are ‘respected’ people no matter what end of straw they hold. Whilst intelligent in many areas, one particular area these moron can’t manage, EGO.

In the old days, whenever I got into a fist fight with my brothers, dad would interrogate both party. Often leaves him banging our head against each other, physically. Aku sakit, kau sakit, padan muka.

ps: If I were to go into politics, I’d focus on making Malaysia green.

pss: Zubedy bought a full page ads, urging politician to get to work. and I thought I was the only pure awesomeness.

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