Cuil – Bad Search Engine Name

I meant not to go crazy over new tech but I couldn’t resist this new engine published on TechCrunch, Amanz and SembangKomputer.

Cuil New Search Engine

Cuil is dark-themed and have an interesting way of publishing search result, pretty much like an aggregator. Anyway, Cuil claimed to have indexed 120 Billion websites. Out of that billions, NH wasn’t even listed. How unfortunate.

A word of note: DONT EVER SPELL IT AS CULI.COM. Trust me, I’ve tried.

I’m sure Cuil’s server is frantically overheating by now (so is It’s screaming traffic and resource like a mad monkey! I guess it’s a problem every start up has.

ps: I’m happy to see at least someone is brave enough to compete with the giant Google

pss: I had to double check the links I provided before I reroute you to the other site   ➡


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  1. I tried that yesterday, not happy with it. (because The Flaccid Mind wasn’t even listed?:P) Guess it is still too early to decide its worthiness. Give it some time.

    Yes, thumbs up to Cuil for having balls to go against Google :up:

  2. mcm2 search engine dah ada google ttp dihati beb..

  3. hurm. i shall give this a try, then report the respond / results that i get. 🙁

  4. i just came back from testing, it for the time being, it manage to return out my old OPERA blog.. hurm.. but, not my current blog. 🙄

    they have a long way to run, if they wan’t to compete with google.

  5. haha, never misspelled it..

  6. It doesn’t even mean “knowledge” in Irish. I’ve read somewhere that it’s the misspelled version of the genitive of a word meaning “hazel”, which is indeed associated with knowledge.

    But then, “Google” sounded silly the first time, too.

  7. cuil its a little bit heavy to load.. x macam google sket.. mungking baru lagi kot..

  8. Cuil? How to pronounce?

  9. Kalau silap masuk, virus menanti. Tak caya cuba try…

    Bagi aku, perjalanan masih terlalu jauh…

  10. he he he :up: . hehe. tried the culi dot com although you warn not to mispelled it. So i purposely mispelled it and 👿 . ekekeke.

    i tried a few sites on cuil dot com but mostly not listed. all i can say it is still new n needs time to grow

  11. Even Google name was funny, but now it is included in the dictionary. However, Cuil is a new “methodology” for a search engine, even though I dislike it.

  12. Google means 10 power of 100, that means 1 with 100 zeroes. It’s the largest number ever named, any bigger than that doesnt have a name.

  13. baru lagi, relax. let crawl onto each web.

  14. Google mmg no1. Tp aku tak suke monopoly.

  15. apparently they started in 2005, since then it has been crawling the web to index. unfortunately most of blogs are not even updated in there.

  16. I am sitting on the fence for this topic 😛 because I’m torn between two views that sit on extreme ends of the love-hate spectrum.

    I love Cuil because of it’s magazine-esque layout – making things easier to read, and it focuses more on content than anything else. The layout is simple and clean, not too complicated but yet not too simple to mislead visitors.

    However, one bad thing I don’t like about it is that it has ditched the page ranking system Google has been relying on. Page ranking it itself is a double edged sword, but the good thing of it is that it allows visitors to arrive at the relatively more relevant results at the first few pages. Cuil doesn’t, obviously. A search for common terms threw me URLs that link to sites I’ve never seen before. What happened to the definition lists, the Wikipedia links and etc (okay although Wikipedia isn’t all that reliable)… 😕

  17. cuil? dari nama je aku tak berkenan. Tapi aku suka ada orang kaco hidup Google nih. Hehe..

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