Cuil – Bad Search Engine Name

I meant not to go crazy over new tech but I couldn’t resist this new engine published on TechCrunch, Amanz and SembangKomputer.

Cuil New Search Engine

Cuil is dark-themed and have an interesting way of publishing search result, pretty much like an aggregator. Anyway, Cuil claimed to have indexed 120 Billion websites. Out of that billions, NH wasn’t even listed. How unfortunate.

A word of note: DONT EVER SPELL IT AS CULI.COM. Trust me, I’ve tried.

I’m sure Cuil’s server is frantically overheating by now (so is It’s screaming traffic and resource like a mad monkey! I guess it’s a problem every start up has.

ps: I’m happy to see at least someone is brave enough to compete with the giant Google

pss: I had to double check the links I provided before I reroute you to the other site   ➡

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