Concept Proposal Away Day

Our trip to Genting was strictly business, but that was just on Friday. On Saturday we played paintball with the (almost) entire team. The road there was pretty awesome, lots of tight curves that’ll make your head tilt back and forth. Of course I had to behave now that I’m a married man, but that doesn’t stop me from having fun with the curves 😛

This is a classic wooden bridge. I quite like the engineering and aesthetic bit.

The Master Chief helmet from Halo. I wonder if they’d allow me to wear my Optimus Prime helmet. Maybe next time.

The guns. Quite fortunate we had a brand new ones 😉

The battle arena. Pretty decent, except the shields (or barricade) were pretty corroded, pellets could fly right through them.

Terrorists: Kang, Sharazain, Me (who doesn’t like to wear the helmet) and William

Counter Terrorist: Alvin, Shazli, Zhaffri and Peter.

The entire CP team (except Shaun) and Tse-Yi (the only girl on the team) didn’t play. If I’m not mistaken, I think she’s pregnant.

Strategizing, but never really worked. Hahaha

Usually the first round is the hardest. Adrenalines were rushing up and down.

After a few rounds, we decided to play against the Marshal. It was 8 against 3, but they were pretty heavy weight themselves, an ex-commando (green beret), National Junior Paintball Champion and one experienced league 1 paintballer.

We played save the hostage and we were the Counter Terrorist. We won by the way 😉

My boss. He looks disturbed. Hahaha.

Raja Kecil yg selalu MIA tapi kerja jalan.

Peter, the loud brat. Zhaffri, the scape goat.

Alvin, no nicks yet, but I’ll call him Yogi Bear 😛

Kang, the “You Dare aaaa?”.

Sharazain, the one that got away. (He never got shot)

Zhaffri was the only one who got hit on the left and right lower ribs. Unfortunately, those we were the areas that wasn’t covered and his shirt didn’t help much.

Underneath the shirt, 3 battle scar on the left. I knew had him the first time, but I just wanted to make sure he surrenders. Hahaha. Sorry pal.

Will try to update my visit to Petrosains this weekend.

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