Cops Gives Advise to Avoid Snatch Thief

The crime rate of snatch thief is looming at large. Though the ministry have shown rate is going down, lots of cases still ends up on newspaper. There’s also a few columns writing about how to take care of your belongings, park you car, where to place your hand bag even via email and facebook too.

Sadly, despite the vigorous effort to combat crime, it still happens. So the police has decided to give a word of advise too, which I find it utterly funny. I laughed so hard, that tears filled my eyes and I was starting to get stomach cramps. A little more I would have gone into epileptic stage.

“Don’t carry bags in public”!

Here’s a newspaper screen shot.

Whoever thought about this is a genius and they are absolutely right. While we’re still on the same page, why not tell everyone not to go out at all. That would’ve reduced other associated crimes too. In fact, there won’t be any crime and we no longer need the police. Malaysia will roll back to stone age and use candles at night.

Pfft.. such a simple solution, prevention is better than cure.

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