Congratulations! You’re No.1 on Google!

2009 didn’t kick off well for me. I had an unfortunate incident when the clock stroked midnight. But who cares?

Laman7 No 1 on Google

Here’s a great start for me. No 1. on Google Malaysia.

I’d be lying if I’m not excited. In fact, I’m so happy that I’d run naked across the neighborhood but they’ll probably call the police, reporting some serial rapist on the loose. So I’ll just hang on to that idea.

The term “web design” and “web developer” is probably the toughest to break through to the No 1. spot. It could be an overnight result, it could for the whole week. I don’t care. I’ve made it, and this is my bragging rights.

Congratulate me, because I’m PURE AWESOME!

Malaysia Web DesignMalaysia Web Developer

It probably meant nothing to you, but to me, it justifies my existence!

ps: It’s time to update the company portfolio

pss: Berlagak? Nah, this is not showing off, it’s a statement

psss: Let’s just hope it stays for a few weeks 😮

pssss: Like always, grace to the Almighty 🙁


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. poyo 😛
    ala, i pon nak tumpang glamer
    sampai hati u tak ckp i pon tlg u gugel td 😛

  2. sorry bro..from my search, for the term “web developer”, you’re no 1 result from malaysia. but for “web design”, looks like you was not listed on the first page…maybe you mingled around with the promote button from google..i noticed it was green !

  3. It was before babe. I saw and I kinda blinked a few times and start asking others, whether the got the same result or not. Once they confirmed it, I pressed the button 😀

    Then I made the screenshot 😎

  4. oh congrats, NH! Im soo happy for you! Good job (pat pat bahu encik eddie)

  5. Either way, I’m still happy to land on the first page 😆

  6. Thanks aween, will belanje you ice cream if I land in Cardiff 🙂

  7. Oh, congrats Eddie! This is great. Now I can tell my friends that this young web developer whose name is listed as no. 1 on Google is my pure awesome friend! 🙂

  8. I smell sarcasm 😯 😮 😆

  9. Eh, no no. I literally meant it. Ok ok. Let it be clearer. I am proud of u! 😎

    Eh, I have a funny story to tell. U sure will laugh too. 😛

  10. Really?? Go study first. Nanti dah bosan sile tego.

    ps: You know I was kidding right?

  11. Tahniah.

  12. hurm.. tadi try google xda pun jadi 1st result.. guna keyword ‘web design’ xda kat 1st page.. guna keyword ‘web developer’ pula ada kat no 4.. Hurmmm… Salah teknik ke aku guna..?

  13. Like I said Ahmad Sallikin, it could be an overnight result

  14. either way…good for you..aku dah click button promote dah pon….haha 😀

  15. doohh..i almost forgot i’m in wonder i cant really get your website on d first page 😕

    anyway, congratulations!! feels good when you achieve something but the feel is much better when u can sustain it..

    best of luck eddie!! :up:

  16. wah, tahniah2, n tq atas komen di blog aku..sungguh aku menghargainya:)

  17. wahaaa.. if that so.. kejap sangat la ye dapat duduk kat atas.. betul la kata org tua2.. hidup ini umpama roda.. kejap kita dia atas.. kejap kita di bawah..

  18. kamu hebat eddie…sy google pada 9.15 am kamu masih d 1st rank…tapi sy guna keyword “web developer”

    congrats :up:

  19. web developer and stuff is not my i can’t really relate it, but i am addicted to this maybe the same as if ur videos is the most viewed video of the day…the same feeling…right?

  20. wooot~ congrats! :up: Nice to see that your hard work paid off ey?

    I personally dont use Google Msia search. hehe

  21. web developer search from malaysia, ya laman7 masih 1st.. congrates!

    tapi “web design”, aku rasa ko tertekan Arrow UP kot bro.. hehehe.. 😆

    Psstt: bro, kalau aku email ko personal, nak tahu harga market ntuk web design, agaknya ko akan bekerjasama ntuk menolong tak? masalah aku skang, tak tahu bape harga market yang sepatutnya… 🙄

  22. ok bro. akan ku perbaiki tulisanku.hehe..time aku guna wordpress dulu. aku jadikan blog ni sbg inspirasi aku. 🙂

  23. wah mantap lah laman7! tahniah2

  24. 😀 Wah in sudah bagus, but I hope it’s generate your income like no 1st too.

  25. Hey, what d ya know.. hardwork paid off huh?

  26. ooo….NK
    kena screenshot ye kalau mcm tu.pernahlah juga blog kak jie dok no.1

  27. Kene screenshot kak kujie. Tapi kalau search macam, “Kak Kujie” mmg confirm la no 1. Hehe

  28. Harga aku mahal. Sangat mahal. Aku rase ko tak leh follow game plan aku. Sbb aku cater utk company medium-large. Aku pon buat web application utk internal use. Secara kasar, satu jam aku charge RM200. Kalau ko rase ko bole buat macam tu, teruskan lah.

  29. Overnight result je. Wish it could stay a little longer 😛

  30. LOL! Congratulations!

  31. Wawawa.. congrats! I’ll vote up in the SearchWiki for sure.

    Aku nak dapat No.1 result for Junior Web Developer lak, buley? Huhu. Tapi ilmu cetek lagi la, erk.

  32. waa…tahnaih..tahniah…buat ombak~~~~ swush~~swush~~

  33. congrats bro! something to be proud of… indeed :up:

  34. Khai, my best advice is only you can decide how much you want to charge based on your target market, expertise, quality and delivery ➡

    Anyways, just gimme a holler if you need help, I’m happy to help out peeps who’d like to venture into this biz 😀

  35. Serius dowh, aku dah klik sampai page 7 pun tak kuar2 lagi dalam term “web design”. Ada orang sabotaj kot, dengan mengklik button remove, instead of promote. Tapi takkan semudah itu? :mrgreen:

    Anyway, tahniah sebab dapat no 1 dalam term “web developer”! 🙂

  36. Betul tu wanie.

    Truth be told, I think try start slow and small. Sometimes you throw in too many features pon, dorg bukan nak. Yg penting senang pakai utk dorg.

    ps: Aku charge mahal sbb BYK GILE BABI paperwork.

  37. Salah satu pon dah syukur untuk aku 🙂

  38. Congrats bro .
    u r leet

  39. he he.. makin senang org nk jumpa ko.. thanks to Digg-like search result hari ini.. 😉

  40. wah. tahniah. 😛

  41. biarpun sekejap aje. itupun dah cukup best apa. hehe.. 😉

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