Congratulations! You’re No.1 on Google!

2009 didn’t kick off well for me. I had an unfortunate incident when the clock stroked midnight. But who cares?

Laman7 No 1 on Google

Here’s a great start for me. No 1. on Google Malaysia.

I’d be lying if I’m not excited. In fact, I’m so happy that I’d run naked across the neighborhood but they’ll probably call the police, reporting some serial rapist on the loose. So I’ll just hang on to that idea.

The term “web design” and “web developer” is probably the toughest to break through to the No 1. spot. It could be an overnight result, it could for the whole week. I don’t care. I’ve made it, and this is my bragging rights.

Congratulate me, because I’m PURE AWESOME!

Malaysia Web DesignMalaysia Web Developer

It probably meant nothing to you, but to me, it justifies my existence!

ps: It’s time to update the company portfolio

pss: Berlagak? Nah, this is not showing off, it’s a statement

psss: Let’s just hope it stays for a few weeks 😮

pssss: Like always, grace to the Almighty 🙁

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