Congratulation, Fuhrer Eezam.



On this rare occasion, I would like to congratulate my younger bro (22 and yes, taken) for being the President of MGSS*. Now, let’s see how you shuffle between studies and POWER. Hals- und Beinbruch! (means break your neck and a leg!)

Envy? Skit-skit tu ade la. LoL


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  1. aiseh, tgklah designer die sape.

  2. x sumer orang dilahirkan leh jadik president.. semoga ur little bro berjaya dgn apa yg diusahakannya..

    ko jgnlah jelez2 banget.. cheers!

  3. huih… hensemnya adik ko.. lg ‘up’ lah saham dia lepas nie.. hahaha

  4. i know where muhammad gets his motivation and your brother sets good example 😉

    congrats to ur bro 🙂

  5. over mende camni? hahaha.. biase la tu, sifat berlumbe2

  6. wow!! mmg hebat la ko boy a.k.a. fuhrer Eezam

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