Compiling Stories

We’ve all established that I like writing sappy stories. But where will that lead me?

I’ve made up my mind, by year end, I’ll compile all the touchy stories from day one and maybe publish it. Of course it won’t be a paperback issue, I’m too green to do that (nor do I have to capacity to do that).

I know most like Makcik Kerepek. I’ve even discussed with Bong about producing a short clip for BMWshorties. Unfortunately, we had no resource, no casts, no makcik, no equipments but plenty of kerepek. But that’s that.

So, if you have any particular writing you like (which are not mine), feel free to leave in the comment area. For the time being, I’m thinking of writing more of this genre.

Chicken Soup for Malaysian Soul? Beehh… overrated!

ps: Shesh.. I’m supposed to be this egoistic blogger, but I turned out the other way around. I guess no one can hide their true colors, even in the cyber world! Happy 1st of July!

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