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Like most of you who reads NH routinely, I too, have my need for capati and teh tarik daily.

I read blogs to clear my mind from winded programming and stupid-CSS-don’t-want-to-follow-me. To rejuvenate and expand my depth of knowledge. Most of the time to procrastinate my never ending pile of work.

Some I follow dearly, some casually. But if I like an article, I’d click the ads on my way out. To me, that’s one way of showing support other than commenting.

  • Moral support – Leave comments related to the topic
  • Mental support – Argue, no low blow or help trash others
  • Physical support – Traffic gained or recommend to friends
  • Monetary support – Click the bloody ads

If you like a particular blogger or an article good enough to raise an eyebrow. Don’t hesitate, just click it and consider coffee’s on you, because they spent an excruciating amount of time penning it down.

Besides, what other ways for you to get back to the overly quote multi-national company? Exactly, make them spend more. So click happily 👿 😀

ps: I’m not telling you to click on NH’s ads, but I’d be delighted if you did :XO:


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. i agree bro…it’s just a way of showing support for the publisher…of course it won’t get them rich a blink of an least they got some motivation to continue blogging and provide more useful and unique content ! :up:

    great minds think alike… 🙂

  2. “Most of the time to procrastinate my never ending pile of work.” <— cpt pegi buat keje cepat! nak kene rotan ni satgi ni! LOL

  3. dulu yg aku kata page ni load slow pon ko kata maybe ads punya pasal..aku baru sedar yg page ko ni xde pon ads..did i miss something? kat column kanan ni just links saja..header,footer xde pon ads.. ❗

  4. I click if the content is interesting. It shows I appreciate the writer

  5. :up:
    yup can’t agree with u more.
    i click if the ads are really catch my attention.

  6. why NH don’t have adsense anymore?

  7. I hear you.

    Even though I don’t use any ads on my blog (because I can hardly generate any moolah from there), I understand that people put them there for a reason.

    I would normally click ads on blogs that have held my attention span more than a minute (either that, or some ads just catches my attention).

  8. i kasik u moral support
    cukup tak?

  9. i only CliCk the ads if:

    1. the writer wrote very good post.
    2. the ads are really CatCh my eyes
    3. proper ads arrangement not ‘serabut’ as usual so Called online-money-maker did.
    4. i knew the writer.

    ps: follow this Comment, u’ll know
    pss: lets make those so Called multinational Company spend more.

  10. stakat ni monetary support xbuat lagi hehe
    buat bl di tahap boring yg amat 😛

  11. good idea. 😉

  12. NH,

    Sarah support camne?

    kne la die comment kt cnie kn?

    btw, i’ll give you some physical support, wheelchair nak?
    huhuhu.. i mean recommend kat kawan2.. hehe

    ps: slalu laju die komen, harinie xde plak…

  13. I mean that in blog context. Recommend as in recommend the blog to others. A link can be considered as one 😎

    Instead of giving me wheelchair, you might as well buy a pair of 20kg dumbells.

  14. Yes honey. Will do my work. Oh wait.. dah abes dah semua! 😀 😀

    Tunggu fat checks rolling in je 🙂

  15. Kadang2 ade. Kadang2 tade. Depends actually. Without ads, does it load faster?

  16. They have this “Isteri Puas” ads. I hated it 😮

  17. click ads on blogs that have held my attention span more than a minute << this is a good rule of thumb!

  18. Tak cukup. Kene kasi mental support. Tolong trash kan orang2 kt NH. Hahaha

  19. Sarah support NH je? that’s not fair.

    Sarah, please give me the same support too. wahahaha…

    ps: any doc here?

  20. Eh! Tak aci la macam tu! Aku pon nak jugak!

    Sarah, support me too!

  21. owh..patut la. concern sungguh ko ye,thanks la. tapi still lambat. tapi org lain kat sini xcomplain pon,maybe ni aku je kot,isolated case ni..don’t bother it so much.

    cheers~ 😉

  22. It’s not a matter of concern actually. I just my job to make it load faster 🙂

  23. Ahhh… so that’s what the ads are for~

    So i just need to click, aite?
    More than happy to oblige. =)

  24. I’m gonna sound like an complete dork, but errr… i couldn’t find me no ads (after a few minutes of clicking whatever)… I keep ending up at old posts. hmmm..

    Care to point the way?

  25. aku pun benci adsense. sungguh x menarik. haha 😐

  26. aku benci blog yg banyak giler ads.
    dah la tak tersusun. haha
    aku rasa max ads dalam blog shud be 2
    else aku tak click2 la. hehe 👿

  27. Good post bro! Totally agree, good blogs must show support!

    I always Click my few favorite blogs. Ehem, most of the time I only read good blogs 😛

    ps: Show lah support to The Flaccid Mind! :up: :up:

  28. Pair of 20kg dumbbells? That’s so heavy! 😯

    Wanna be like 300 Spartans eh?

    ps: Sarah suke muscles eh? 😛
    pss: Mane die ko sorok nie NH? 🙄

  29. Muii, I recommend you zip it. You are making me uncomfortable. Please, have respect for others.

  30. hahahaha. it shows what keyword your blog focuses on. muahahahaha. just joking.

  31. let rub each other bud oppss.. I mean Ads hehehee

  32. go go bongkersz

    ps:I saw your head than I do to my self hehehe.. cool…

  33. Sarah dah jadi begitu popular nampaknya, pasti akan wujud “Sarah Fan’ kat sini ahak..

    ps:aku dengar ramai dah angau kat dia

  34. Er.. what my head and what you did to yourself again?? 😕

  35. botak lah…

  36. wonder if i have any great content!!??

    what a good solution indeed! sometimes i wonder what is the great content really look like (as general blogger)?

    malay’s blog that writing in malay, susah mau cakap. mentallity reader pun mainkan peranan.

    wonder if kita boleh jadi penulis blog yang bagus.

    ps: masih bercuti huhu

  37. Oh! Haha! 😀 I am growing my hair back man.. 😀

  38. LOL! Memang itu jer iklan ada kat Malaysia…

  39. i show my support to you by Commenting and subsCribing your blog bong… every time you post an entry, I’ll read it in no time.

  40. I’m sorry, please accept my apology. 🙁

  41. agree. 🙂

  42. i drop comment!

    -moral support.moral support- 😕 😕 😕

  43. this, my dear friend, is what I call, a subliminal message. lalala~

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