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Mahathir Muhammad

Your favorite PM’s blog is blocked. So what now? I plan to write further, but you can go ahead and read

I personally hope that it’ll stay blocked for the rest of the time.

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33 thoughts on “ Blocked By”

  1. ed… grammar pls.. im no master at it, tapi dah terperasan… *personally* *blocked*

    ni mesti ngantuk masa blogging nih..

    norlinie’s last blog post..Take 5

  2. ๐Ÿ˜Ž saya penyokong setia Dr. M.. ehehe

    well eddie, i read about this yesterday kat one of hawt post in WP. but bila i pegi tengok.. dah di unblocked la..

  3. Lim Kit Siang pakai movabletype. Saje nak kamcing kot. BTW, chedet ade IT personnel running the show. He doesn’t know how to use PC. Hahaha.

  4. then how he can consider himself to be called as “blogger”.
    exception for him because driving a lot of traffic within a month. it is a wow!

    the most powerful SEO maybe. be ex-prime minister, start a blog and a huge traffic flow to your blog. hoho

    syuxx’s last blog post..My first cheque from Nuffnang ! yay

  5. He himself is popular. There’s no need for SEO. Lim Kit Siang is also web illiterate. He has someone publishing his conveyed words.

    Imagine Brad Pitt writing a blog about his life. I think he’d top the chart in no time.

  6. i am waiting for pak lah to open his blog, when he an ex-prime minister ๐Ÿ˜€ see if he can break tdm’s record. hahahahahaha!

    a lot of new bloggers love to use blogspot. semua member yang baru start blogging.. all use blogspot, dah i hate to go to blogspot. haha!

  7. aku suka sakat orang pasal sokong sokong ni.. โžก

    ko sokong apa nono?

    sebab selalu aku dengar kat tv..

    “kami sokong pak lah!”

    tapi wartawan tu tak pulak tanya kumpulan mamat tu sokong apa.. sokong syiok syiok? โ“ setakat cakap sokong tu.. aku boleh ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. I used all three platform. WP on your own domain lagi best.

    Thats exactly their intention, tak nak ramai comment. Hahhaha.

    If Pak Lah starts a blog today, tomorrow dah down. Mesti ade orang hack.

  9. aku sokong Perak, Chelsea & England. Hahaha.

    memule laung, Kami sokong Pak Lah… cheit! Bile umum naik harge minyak, ‘kami tak sokong F*k Lah’

  10. Alamak problemlah camni. Ini ada kes hangat ni. Kawan saya telah buat repot di balai polis Putrajaya. Repot itu mengenai kes orang tua bekas PM meliwati atuk kawan saya. Saya sekarang sedang menunggu tindakan dari pihak polis.

  11. oop aku ingat atuk kau yang kena liwat…ko salah tengok laporan polis kot…ya la …atuk ko yamg kena liwat la…tapi bukan dr. m liwat…atuk ko kene liwat sama itu anwar dan rpr….beregu beb

  12. tangkap saja yang kena liwat tu. korang ingat senang ke nok cocok-cocok belakang. oleh krana tiada saksi jadi saya syor orang yang diliwat saja disumbat dalam lokap. jadi lain kali tak adalah orang berani buat fitnah.

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