Cheap Shot


It’s amazing to see so many colors of people on the Internet. Some cheer you, others jeer you. I deeply pity the latter group.

For your consideration, Surah Yasin is motivating.

Pity is not kasihan, but the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.

Angkuh? Feel free to send some verbose text to the complaint department or call 100 from your mobile.

ps: Going back kampung tomorrow to visit my sick grandma. Pray for her health. Amin.

pss: I don’t need to justify myself   😈


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. Am I first?. yeah!

    I think he/she is a highly motivated person. That’s why she think the email you sent to her was annoying and have no need to read that kind of email… or u spammed her?

  2. Nutters. :vangry:
    Nvm, maybe you can design some nice banners or something for wordpress. 😉

  3. haha…
    org yg cakap begitu adalah org yg bodoh.
    enuff said…

  4. we can please everyone. there are always people who tend to break the rules.

  5. entah2 dia ni minat you tak?
    baru igt nak pujuk2 u dgn kata2 yg manis masa u demam

  6. btw i pray that ur grandma will be fine~
    insyaAllah 🙂

  7. definitely something wrong with this guy…

  8. hahahaha… ke situ pulak pikirnya… hehehe…

  9. tak dok doh entry tu.. ke mana?

  10. tudiah.. cikgu grammar.. opsss

  11. owh still there.. technical error.. sebab ada tanda ” , ” tu termasuk dlm link. my bad

  12. Anonymous malicious msg? That is a cheap shot. 😈 No balls to use his/her own name I guess.

    I hope your grandma gets well soon

  13. Eh, moderated comments now?

  14. hahahaha. sorry for the gramatical error. hahaha. its actually can’t.

  15. First of all, may god give the strenght for your grandma through all these obstacles and challenge in life.. teringat kat arwah nenek saye..
    erm.. mesti die nih perempuan kan.. x mo kate2 semangat dr kamu..angkuh..?? yassin..?? die da nk mati ker..? erk..anyway..jika die x suke kate2 semangat lg..sedekahkan doa je la..

  16. I take it you don’t read the previous post. 😛

  17. hehe..sori labrader.. i’m not always visit blogs..just doing it when im very boring…. so..i take this chance to view your blog..huhu..

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