Cepat Sampai

I had to rush to send a friend back to able to be on time for a meeting.

It was a heavy stream of traffic, everyone just got off work. Thankfully, Duke‘s there to save the day. I managed to send that friend and be on time for the meeting. I hate waiting for people, likewise, have people wait for me.

It was hard to push the old lady to 150kmh, somehow I got her rolling to 190kmh.

Upon arrival, I sent a text message saying how sorry I was about my driving attitude. (Not many fancy left-right-hard-braking maneuvers). The last time I did that, my ex puked all over my G2000, but that was 2 years ago.

Anyway, she replied, “Takpe, seronok naik kereta dgn you”.

“Seronok?”, pure puzzlement.

“Yup. Cepat sampai.”


Moral: Don’t drive with your girlfriend on the passenger seat. You’ll love her less when she spills her tummy content all over your face.

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