Celcom dan Facebook Status Update

It’s been weeks since I received the Facebook sms thing. Every week Celcom will charge me RM 1 for one week of SMS update usage. The problem is, I didn’t subscribe to this! Sh*t man, I ran away from Maxis because of this crap, hidden charges.

So I called the call center to get rebates for this unnecessary non sense. I explained to him in great length that I am pissed off, after all, I do have a data plan, why the hell would I need an FB sms update? That’s plain stupid. He told me, he can’t refund. That’s so fucking stupid! I know it’s only a small amount to be creating a fuss, but I fucking hate companies that cheat for money.

I may be a victim of RM 5, but think about the other 10 million users? What if 10% are victims like me? thats RM 5 million of money.

Despite all this, the call center guy was really polite.

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