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Selling My Apple Macbook Air 11

I am letting go of my Macbook 11 inch for RM 1800 (negotiable) because I rarely use it and already have a Macbook 13. The Macbook 11 was normally used to present during meetings with customer, play movie… Read More

Maxis Astro Broadband IPTV, Dial Up is 10 Times Better.

We’ve just changed our broadband package from Unifi to Maxis Astro IPTV, in my opinion it’s THE WORST internet and cable service I’ve come across. Here’s a video showing that I’ve capture while watching football. It happened so… Read More

Jadual Perjalanan KTM Komuter Kini Di Google Maps

Salam semua, Terdapat banyak jaringan pengangkutan di Kuala Lumpur, salah-satunya adalah sistem KTM Komuter. Dahulu KTM Komuter ini, memang terkenal dengan kelewatan, busuk dan tidak mesra pelanggan. Namun, sejak 2-3 tahun lepas, banyak perubahan telah dilalukan. Di antara… Read More

Belajar dari Terbaik: DenaiHati Network

This post is brought to you by Denaihati Network. So what is this Denaihati Network (DHN)? I asked myself the same thing when I first came across this. The tagline, “Hidupkan Untuk Memberi” left deeperĀ curiosity. is a… Read More

Shave By A Woman

This is the fourth post for the Philips Aqua Touch electronic shave review. In this post I’m supposed to create a video to demonstrate how easy it is to shave using the review unit. To make it interesting,… Read More