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9 Reasons Why Malaysian Startups/Businesses Fail

As Asians, the most taboo word is fail. Like failing Math in elementary school (I got a good whipping for this, truth was, I didn’t know how to read Malay). Failure in relationship? Failure in career by getting fired?… Read More

Merdeka! Merdeka. Merdeka?

Yeah Merdeka! We scream at the top of our lungs as if we had played some part. This independence that our ancestors fought for, what was it for? More importantly are we really independent? My friends, no. in·de·pend·ent. adjective… Read More


I’m sure we will hit the crossroad eventually. My time has come. I have worked for 5 years in this organization. I have seen people come and leave, the good and bad of managers, the failing strategies, the… Read More

What Killed Blogging? And 3 Ways to Fight Back for Traffic

Blogging used to be fun, especially when you received comments, whether it’s funny, thought provoking, witty, shitty, including the plain boring yes-sir-what-ever-you-say-is-right. All these comments are makes a blog lively. Now you’ve got to compete for attention, popularity… Read More

Manager Baru

“Esok aku nak tengok slides tu”.. “Slides apa?” aku tanya semula. “Kita ada diskusi hari tu”. Dalam hati ini berapi bagai lava meleleh keluar volcano, sungguh mudah kau outsource kerja-kerja. Mentang-mentang manager baru. Aku korek lebih mendalam, “untuk… Read More