Pray for Kemaman

Last time when I was in Kemaman was in 2007. I was working for my father. I stayed over at Skis’s place. I remember sipping coffee everyday after work.

Today, the place looks horrible. It rained from Sunday to Tuesday, 1-3 December 2013. Skis was stranded in the office for 2 days. Luckily he had power supply, mobile coverage and bananas, our whatsapp group kept a good company.

Take care Skis. We’ll pray for you. InsyaAllah, everything will be ok.

Arin’s Wedding 10th July 2011

I wanted to write about #bersih2.0 but I think nobody important really gives a shit. So let’s write about my best friends’ wedding.

Arin was my classmate in Form 1, 4 and 5 at MCKK. He is always seen as the guy who works behind the scene, appreciated but never got much credit. That makes him a humble person if not a great guy. Seriously, if you want things moving, work with him. Less talk, more work.

The wedding was held at Dewan Ibu Kota near Danau Kota, very close to the driving range I quite frequent. Fully air-conditioned, so no smokers nearby. Which is good, because I have this massive head ache and sore throat. I began hating smoking. It makes me feel like vomiting.

The early birds. Sedikit promo: the guy second from left and most right guy is looking. These two are quite successful in their own field. You want their contact? Gimme commission ok? (Don’t blame me, everything today needs commission.)

I love the simplicity of their alters. There’s even a lamp and a photo frame on the table! It seriously looked cool. Sorry Arin, I’ll copy this style.

So to my man Arin, have a wonderful life and good luck in your future. Godspeed.

ps: Lucky they were wearing yellow on 10th July, had it been on 9th, the police would probably rip them off to bare ass 😛

The Art of Exaggeration

Girl: I miss my little sister.
NH: Where is she?
Girl: She went for umrah along with the whole family.
NH: When she gets back, ROGOL her.
Girl: WTF?

I don’t deny that most of us (from my secondary school) exaggerate adjectives and nouns. It makes it more dramatic and appealing. Adding more color to emphasize the sentence. Another classic example,


But then again, some might misinterpret. And by rogol, I mean wrestle. Not stick something in her. I guess it’s only safe to use it among ourselves (among my secondary school mates).

ps: Why do I keep forgetting to write about my badminton racquet?

I Wanna Go Back Yeah

I’m going back to my alma matter, the place where I spent 5 years singing the same tune every Monday morning. Facing the same one hundred something people. Dealing with the same old teacher. And getting whipped for not wearing a name tag, school badge, tie, socks or black belt. Dining the most disgusting food every day with rice mixed maggots, yellow veggies and smelly over cooked fish.

A place where we don’t get wedgy because couldn’t afford undies. The place where everything moves slowly, including the buses and cabs. And water, that flows slower than an average human pee (at peak hour).

Yes, I’m going back to MCKK, next month. But I’m broke.

But the best part is, my pay check is guaranteed. Despite being an over achiever, I still get lectured by my superior. I guess he didn’t want me to be complacent.

It’s been 10 years since I left school. Where I am now? Did I get what I day dreamed of every single day? Is this what I always wanted? The answer is, no. But then again, you can’t possibly have everything flowing your way, can you?

Deep down, I am lucky that I was raised in a town called Kuala Kangsar and dealing with crap became my forte.

ps: Nak cendol Kuale~