The Wrong Airport

This morning my was my in-laws flight to Makkah to perform umrah. Everyone except my wife and her sister will be going. The flight was scheduled at 10 am.

Right after sahur and subuh prayer, I went to Bandar Tasik Selatan Terminal with my bike from Keramat KL, my in laws are from Shah Alam. I doubt I have the tenacity to ride all way to KLIA, hence taking the ERL would be a fitter plan. The ticket from BTS to KLIA is RM 26.50. It’s pretty expensive for 3-stop-ride.

Once I got to KLIA, I called my father in law. He didn’t pick up. I guess he was busy checking in, flights arrangement etc. So I went wandering the KLIA complex without my glasses (yes, I forgot my glasses). I could remember vividly how the travel agency bag looks like, it’s corny, a mixture of orange dominance and blue. Based on that color, I snooped around.

After 45 minutes, I still couldn’t find them. I decided to camp at the entrance before immigration.

My father in law finally called. He told me they’re at Counter S48. Wait a minute, KLIA counter is only from A to L. This must be a different airport! I asked him which airport they’re at because as far as I know, AirAsia doesn’t fly to Saudi Arabia. He told me, they’re at LCCT! I laughed my ass off. And quickly rushed to the bus station.

KLIA to LCCT bus ride costs RM2.50 but the interval is 30 minutes and I just missed the bus. So 30 minutes of time wasting playing Word Search on my phone. The ride to KLIA to LCCT is about 15 minutes and the bus ride is a bit scary. The driver was chitty chatty on his phone all the time.

I got to LCCT around 9 am. By then I was sure to miss my in laws. Thankfully luck was in my favor. Their flight was delayed to 1050 am.

We spent half an hour together before being excused to board the plane.

There’s a shuttle from LCCT to Salak Tinggi ERL train, which heads to BTS. Costs RM 10.80, 55% cheaper than my initial ride.

Note to Self: Next time, be sure to know which airport.

Lagu Merdeka 55 Tahun untuk 2012 Sangat Sedap

Kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia, seharusnya berbangga kerana mempunyai Menteri yang bukan sahaja prihatin tentang rakyat serta bijak, malah multi-talented. Dalam contoh ini, saya berbangga kerana Menteri Penerangan, Rais Yatim pandai menulis lirik. Apabila saya mainkan pertama kali, terasa sebak, terharu dan terpalit dalam hati. Sungguh dalam maksud lagu ini.

Biarlah Bob Lokman (penulis lagu Isabella) kata lagu ini murah, saya rasa Bob tidak lagi pandai menilai sejak beliau bersara dari arena seni tanah air. Biarlah pembangkang kata apa sekali pun, saya yakin mereka semuanya telah termakan dogma-dogma mereka. Lagu ini sangat patriotik.

Cuba anda semua hayati.

Lagu Tema – Janji Ditepati (Sambutan Hari Kemerdekaan ke-55) Lirik dan Video

Macam malam ikut siang
Macam bulan ikut matahari
1Malaysia terus berjuang
Janji Kita ditepati

Kata Kita dikota
Janji Kita ditepati
Hidup Rakyat Dibela
Masa Depan Diberkati
Janji sudah ditepati
Kini masa balas budi

Janji siapa? Janji kita
Janji apa? Janji 1Malaysia
Janji siapa? Janji kita
Janji apa? Janji 1Malaysia

Ini janji kita BR1M 1Malaysia
Ini janji 1Malaysia
TR1M 1Malaysia
Kata kita dikota
Kini 1Malaysia
Janji kita ditepati
Kedai 1Malaysia


Terharukan? Sungguh kesian Menteri kita ini, sudahlah berkerja keras mengurus negara, mereka sanggup meluangkan masa untuk menulis lagu ini. Lagi terharu kerana ia tidak langsung menggunakan duit rakyat untuk membayar penulis lirik dan lagu professional. Sudah jimat RM 50,000. Bolehlah diagihkan lagi kepada franchise lain 1Malaysia seperti BR1M, Kedai Kain 1Malaysia, Kedai Ikan 1Malaysia. Mungkin akan ada juga, Bengkel Motor 1Malaysia! Lebih mudah untuk saya, pakcik-pakcik dan sahabat handai menghantar motor untuk servis suku tahun pada harga kos.

Kepada semua yang tidak setuju, sila buang sijil SPM anda, kerana anda buta bahasa!

ps: Oh yes, pun very much intended.

The New Gullible Guy

There’s a new guy in my department. Let’s call him K.

K came from a prestigious local university, his area of expertise has nothing to do with IT. Somehow he picks up things pretty fast. K is gullible. I mean very gullible.

Before our trip to Genting, we told him the company isn’t going to pay for the paintball. So we need to upfront our money, RM 170 a piece. At that time, he has yet to receive his first pay check. He was already savings here and there to fork out the money. In the end, out of guilt, I broke the news to him. It was one hell of a good laugh.

Anything that has to do with money, we’d lie to him.

Company badminton night, S told him if you want to join the club, you have to pay RM70. In actuality, he only needs to fork out RM7 per session.

I know, S and me are really bad example to K. We lied not for laughing stock, but believed that there must a fun factor that motivates the team. Lucky for him, I no longer do pranks. He probably resign or report to HR and get my ass kicked.

My word of wisdom to K, just pay up when people ask for money.