A New Beginning (sort of)

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. The last post was in December. I guess I just didnt have any appetite since then.

I started NH out curiosity and soon it was used to remind myself, what I was like when I was young. Boy, I sure have grown a lot over the past few years.

So what’s up with me now?

First, I got fired (konon drama) from a company I’ve been nothing but loyal to for the past 6 years. In their defense, it was a method to get the ‘right sizing’, what ever that means. It came with a good compensation, so I’m good (at least for now). I was going to resign anyway, so with the right package, and the right timing, the push and pull factor was just too hard to resist.

However I do regret about the things I didn’t get to realize. I had a dream for the company, I was in a position to help the nation and build a better world. Unfortunately, the dream wasn’t reciprocated. It was easy to spot me like a left wing party when all my intentions were noble. What could be right for me, might not be right to others.

Despite that, I am thankful of the experienced I gained, friendship and partnership formed.

Secondly, my family. Aisyah is with a kid and Sara has been nothing but a happy girl, living up to her name. Sara has been fighting to keep the lights up, which is troubling when you know she’s sleepy but decided not to give in. My mom told me, that was my trait.

Third, business. I’ve loads of ideas to be executed. The problem with a well lid mind is, there’s a lot of thinking, less of doing. So if nothing is moving, how can I ever move a mountain? Some basic life principle has to be altered like, ‘Work smart, not hard’. I’ve seen people whom just bulldoze everything in their way (definitely lack of decision making) and it worked for them. In fact most of them are successful in their own terms, which is good.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned a few tricks to reduce the over thinking and more of doing. It starts off with listing everything you want to, making sure it’s broken down to granular and actionable level. This definitely helped me with my procrastination.

Business is great but can be better. I was able to achieve yearly sales target within a quarter. All thanks to The Almighty, He decides whats mine and yours. The formula is simple, give all you can, that includes efforts when volunteering, making sure your customers are happy, staying up late to get a pixel perfect design and yara-yara. It sounds simple, because it is, we humans tend to overthink.

Forth, friendship. I realized, getting married sure shackled me to the bed, then we had a kid. I was jolted to the ground. I didnt want to miss my kids growth, it only happen once. Now I’m free during working hours, I was able to revisit my old customer, rekindled a friendship and be acquinted to new awesome people. I tend to keep myself away from negativity.

Fifth, the world. The hell with it. I read enough just to keep informed. I do not meddle and be bothered to investigate in great detail. Implementing the ‘whatever’ sure brought me more happiness. I do puzzle over the recent statements made by the minister, did they bump their head or just drank ants?

I guess that’s it for now.

Ps: I’ve decided to address my future self rather than you (the readers).

You Don’t Have To Be A Hero


It was drizzling when we arrived at the fast food chain to get our fix on cheap caffeine. As much as I hate to admit, Sara is slowing us down, we had to be really careful when extracting her from the car. We don’t want her to get wet. Thankfully we had a huge umbrella enough to cover us three.

I deliberately left my red semi-broken umbrella outside because it was wet and someone might need it.

A family of was trying to get to their car which was on the opposite side of road, calculating the possibility of getting drenched by the monsoon. I wanted to offer my umbrella, but the father decided to take the leap of faith. He ran into rain towards his car. He’s taken care of, I told myself as I walked in and ordered our cheap caffeine.

Soon I saw the mother ushering the kids into the car using the umbrella. She was the only one outside the car, trying to fold the umbrella and put it where she found it. I dashed through the entrance and got the umbrella.

“Maam, let me walk you to the car.” Like any polite being, she refused the offer, but I insisted with my foot already in a puddle.

Everyone in the car waved goodbye. Doing good sends shivers down my spine. It’s like getting a customer to agree on a deal. It felt good.

We had our drinks and took turn to play with Sara till the rain stopped. We left the fast food chain soon for the following appointment and forgot about the umbrella. My wife will be mad if she finds out about this.

ps: Which reminds me about the yellow umbrella incident years ago.

Pray for Kemaman

Last time when I was in Kemaman was in 2007. I was working for my father. I stayed over at Skis’s place. I remember sipping coffee everyday after work.

Today, the place looks horrible. It rained from Sunday to Tuesday, 1-3 December 2013. Skis was stranded in the office for 2 days. Luckily he had power supply, mobile coverage and bananas, our whatsapp group kept a good company.

Take care Skis. We’ll pray for you. InsyaAllah, everything will be ok.

Your Name is Sara

Sara. This is your name.

Unlike your Malay peers who has 3-4 names, you have a very short name. Short does not mean you’re any lesser than anyone. It also doesn’t mean you’re weird. We picked a very short and simple name for many reasons.

The world is complex, you shouldn’t be. Today, the world is a huge clutter. We’re constantly talking about improving this, efficiency that, more of this, less of that. You’re a product of uncluttered. Pure and true in it’s form.

No one calls anyone by their full name every time. Most people call me, Edwin not Muhammad Edwin or Aisyah instead of Nur Aisyah. By calling a single name it resonates clearly what your name means. Maybe we’re just lazy to call out lengthy names every time we need you to pick up your toys.

I have always envied my Chinese friends who can have as little as 6 letters to their name. Having short name makes it easier for you to write your name in any application forms. This also reduces human error. Or maybe we haven’t got all the time in the world to fill up your name.

To be really honest, your name is Iman Sara or Sara Iman. Your mother prefers the first, I love the latter.  Since we couldn’t agree where Iman should be before or after, we dropped it off. It’s a simple math.

Iman Sara Iman = Iman Sara Iman = Sara

I remembered going to JPN to register your name. When my number was called, I showed the officer my application form. He asked, “Sara je”. “Ye bang, Sara”. He looked at me, puzzled by the shortness of your name.

He continued typing your name in the system and reaffirms me, “Betul ni, Sara je?”. I nodded.

As he was just about to press enter, he triple checks with me, “Bang, saya nak tekan enter ni. Kalau dah lepas nak tukar nama kena naik mahkamah, appoint bla bla bla… so ok betul Sara je?”.

“Ye betul tu”, I couldn’t help but feel annoyed. 15 minutes later he passed me the your birth certificate.

Now the ultimate question is what does ‘Sara’ mean? As I have mentioned to you before in previous post, it means happy girl. Every parent in this world wants nothing but happiness for their kids, so do we.

ps: While finishing up this article, your great grandmother has passed away. May peace be upon her.

Baby List: IR Thermometer CHECK!

Guess what? We’re having a baby girl!

So as my way of showing support to my wife, we attended an antenatal class last weekend at DEMC. I learned a lot of things, epidural, pain meter, baby health, c-section, jaundice, breast milk *raise eye brow* basically the whole she-bang about laboring a baby. One day class is definitely not enough to cover the whole thing.

As a trained engineer, safety comes first. That includes my baby. So I went on Lazada and find something that might be helpful for our baby. Since Aisyah’s temperature usually spikes up (every now and then), I needed something more than my sweaty palm to measure the temp. I looked up thermometer, I figured it’ll be really helpful to measure the baby’s as well.

There were quite a number of thermometer, but this one caught my eye (because of the discount! Hahaha) Bremed BD 1160A. A thermometer is a thermometer, don’t expect it to auto reply an email or do stock trading for you, choosing one is rather simple. I got this on a bargain.


I placed an order late night on 26 August 2013. It arrived on 28 August 2013. Considering the time to process the order and ship them, that’s a pretty impressive time line! Bravo!


First thing I did, throw the manual away (except when a self assembly is required) and start measuring myself, my camera, my laptop. It’s ONE button operation, kinda like iPhone. My only complain is the beeping sound is a tad too loud for a bed-ridden baby. I wish it could be discreet and not wake the up while measuring. Remember, a happy baby is a happy parents, an angry baby, well, you go figure that out!


If you’re a working adult, doing two-three shifts, shuffling between part-time and full time job, I’m telling you, Lazada is the place to go. You can’t really spend a quality time on the mall when your 7-months-pregnant wife is having a hard time catching up.

ps: Shopping for new baby cloth is cumbersome. I don’t exactly know what to buy 😛