I Wish I Knew the Price of Kawasaki ER6N Tyre Before Owning One

Before I bought my Kawasaki ER6N (nick name “Mutu”), I never bothered about the total cost of ownership of the bike. I did ask around, mostly responded it would cost as much as maintaining a car, I told myself I can live with that, I was wrong.


The tyre that came with the bike is worn out. I can feel it twitching when I try to give it a little torque. On dry days, riding to and from office is easy. It got worst when it rains. Pakcik going to mosque laps quicker than Mutu.

I deliberately delay the change because a MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2 set of wheel costs RM980. Yes, That’s enough to change all 4 tyres on Jenny (my Gen2). But that’s not all, through wear and tear, a car tyre can potentially last 2-3 years, motorcycle tyre last about a year. Mutu is about 15,000km (not really far).


MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2 – ER6N size is front: 120/60/17 and rear tyre: 160/60/17

Why is it expensive? Well, a motorcycle tyre is made of 3 to 5 compound, soft-medium-hard. Soft gives you grip but wears out quickly. Hard gives you the endurance but lacks the grip. Mixing this compound is only natural. Normally, hard is place in the center and softer by the side. The shape of the thread also plays an important role for wet or dry.

I did search at Mudah.my just to familiarize with other options. Due to the nature of Mudah, some tyre are not longer displayed. So I Googled, it was very specific, thus making it harder to find. To be honest, I didn’t know what exactly to find, I just keyed in “Tayar ER6N”, a lot of links selling the bike instead of the tyre. I also didn’t know the size of my tyre nor the brand (I couldn’t see on Mutu’s tyre). So I went to Facebook and found a nearby shop.

(Note: for brick and mortar shops, it is really important to have Facebook page or Mudah Niaga.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 10.51.44 PM

I went there with my car for two reasons, 1. I didn’t want to be conned/pushed to purchase. 2. I wanted to see how they treated the bike and customer. The staff was really helpful, explaining stuff I didn’t even consider. I got the price for MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2 brand new for RM950 after bargaining but it proves to be to steep for me. Hey man, I can buy an iPad with that money (what an iFag!).

I walked around the shop (they were pretty happy to see me exploring the shop) and my eyes were fixed on used tyre. I was really surprised to see the condition of these tyre. The kid told me, sometimes bikers change tyre because they hated how it handles, some wants better grip. Well, one mans trash is another man’s treasure. It did feel like I found a unicorn. After negotiating, I got the  MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2  for RM 690.


They carefully put on paddock stand and extract the old tyre.


The front tyre was wobbly and the wear is uneven making it harder to control during raining season.

Personally, it didn’t really matter whether is new or used, I just need one soonest before I go crazy getting stuck in traffic jam commuting to work.

How does MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2 handle? Well, as a noob biker, I say it does take a while to adjusting to the new one. Because the tyre is so round, it felt unbalanced when it is slightly tipped to the side. On straight line, better grip. Giving additional torque does make it feeling doing a little wheelie. Corners are fantastic, entrance is easy and exit is the best. I have rode the ER6N for 2 years, I have never done anything above 70kmh while cornering, on MICHELIN PILOT ROAD 2, I did 85kmh and it felt natural.

I would to reemphasize that I am a relatively new biker and comparison was made against the OEM tyre.

So to those who are still dreaming of owning big bikes, I seriously urge you to consider this, the tyre cost change annually RM 1k, Road tax and insurance about RM 1.5 k, maintenance RM 600 (every 4 months or mileage). Now, you need an additional RM 3,100 per year just to maintain the bike. For starters go for 250cc bikes.

Hence the reason of buying a big bike is critical. The parts aren’t exactly cheap, the oil change isn’t too, accessories costs your pinky finger, helmet maybe a bomb, safety and yara-yara. If there’s any advise I can give to fellow riders or aspiring rider and this has been passed on to me by other riders is, “Ride within your means”. Budget, speed, guts, safety and reason. I ride to escape the traffic, therefore I don’t have to ride like a maniac 🙂

Awas Myvi, 3rd Light Brake Problem

If you’re driving a Myvi or any Perodua car, you should check your third brake light as often as possible. Once a month is fine.

The other day, I almost ran into one. It was night time and hard to distinguish between normal back light or braking lights since the third brake light isn’t functioning. This is definitely not the first encounter.

I have observed this malfunction by Perodua ages ago when I borrowed my cousin’s 3 weeks old car. We were issued with a RM 300 summon by the Police. How we wish we could bill Perodua for this. It was as if an under table deal was done between Perodua and PDRM, if make the third light cincai, you go find the myvis ok?

Changing the bulb is easy. The bulb will cost you RM 5 (at most), however, I would recommend changing to LED. It would increase the aesthetic and likelihood to burn out sooner.

Save lives today, save your pocket too.

ps: @azmanishak and @ejamothman, tengokkan Alza juga ya.

Buat Baik Di Balas Baik

It was a hot sunny day, you could almost see a mirage on the street. To others, it’s a sign to stay indoor! But to me, it’s the best time to ride. Mutu (my bike is not Indian, in Malay it means quality), is covered in dirt and filth from haze. I wanted to clean him as soon as any opportunity took precedence. Lunch time!

I rode Mutu to the local car wash at a petrol station nearby. After all, she needed a fill up and I needed to withdraw money too, win-win for both. I left Mutu in the care of those imported workers. They look liked tired and sure needed a drink.

I got everyone a cans of icy drink, including myself.

They smiled ear to ear, exposing their hollow teeth, it was as sincere as it gets. It felt really good making someone else feel happy.

When it comes to cleaning, I am fussy. I pointed some spots they missed. Once they were done with Mutu, they told me I don’t have to pay. But I insist, a good job is still needs to pay the bills. They took it though showing signs of discomfort.

As I fled the scene, the workers were waving their towels as if I finished a race. I clinched my fist and punched the air. At the top of my lungs, I shouted, “Yeahhh!”

I believe my life is extra ordinary. Therefore I have to be one.

When was the last time you made a stranger smile?

Pergaduhan di Lebuh Raya NPE Kerana 80 sen

Topic biar hangat bak Kosmo!

Anyway, while on the way meeting my boys for lunch at G-Tower Jalan Tun Razak, I took the NPE route from Subang Jaya. It wasn’t the best path considering that I will be entering from Sg. Besi which means smaller lanes and gaps between cars, but it’s the fastest. 20-30 minutes ride from Subang Jaya to KL. 30 Kilometer ada kot.

I am not too familiar with NPE on motorbikes, but with car, I know which lane to stick to for smart tag, touch and go or cash. With my bike, I wasn’t really sure when would be the right time to bear left.


Like always, doing 90-100 kmh on the most right lane, I accidentally missed the lane for bikes. Gile la kalau nak pancung semua kereta dan lori. So I headed straight to the toll booth, hoping that I could slide my fat ass between the cones and toll gate. There stood a man with a baton in his hand, bercekak pinggang sambil menjerit, “PUSING BALIK!”. Teringat scene Gandalf, “You shall not pass!” Rambut dah sama putih, kulit je kene salin skit.

I yelled back, “Mana boleh pusing balik. Banyak kereta.”

Weaving his baton back and forth, he yelled again,”Pusing balik! Lu jangan kurang ajar. Kasi pusing balik”. He called for backup, another guard yg duduk bawah kanopi. Both of them yelled at me, “You pusing balik!”.

I asked myself, is this for real? These 60 years old plus guards, think they can take down a man with full face helmet, knuckled gloves and padded jacket that can withstand 80 kmh impact. They’re not kidding me, but themselves.

I thought again and again. I came to 3 simple solutions.

  1. Langgar je pak guard tu, confirm barai.
  2. Turun, cakap elok-elok atau terus bertumbuk.
  3. Pusing balik.

I was convinced that the third option is the most hassle free. I don’t want to hit an old man, nor have blood on my bike. But going wrong way for 200 meters will be the hardest/stupid thing to do. Ini macam paksa manusia lain berhenti makan nasi ikut mulut. Makan ikut bontot. Ini kerja GILA!

I reconsidered my options. These guards could really use a warm up and so do I.

I prompted, “kalau saya bayar tol?”

Both the guard jalan balik ke tempat duduk masing-masing, pretended nothing happened. I asked the lady at the toll booth how much will this cost me. LAPAN PULUH SEN! 80 sen sahaja. Imagine kalau paper Kosmo atau Harian Metro keluar title, Dipukul Rempit Kerana 80 sen!

Assholes On The Road

It’s been 3 months since I owned Mutu (my bike, has nothing to do with an indian name. Instead of spelling it moto, I changed the vowel) the experience of riding a mid size bike is surreal. I constantly think about riding Mutu when I’m driving, about to go to bed or even while nature calls. It’s that addictive!

No matter how fast we go, eventually we all have to stop at red lights. In an open straight road, other bikers (lower cc) and pumped up Waja-lution (and the likes) would rev before the light turns green. When I turned to them, they’d signal for short drag till the next traffic light. I’d just nod in agreement.

They started revving louder and louder, so did I. Adrenaline starts kicking in, the mind starts to simulate gear shifts and eyes on the tarmac, praying so that nothing suddenly jumps in your way. As soon as the light turns green, we all released the demon inside us, the need for speed.

Unfortunately for them, I rode  like I normally start on green light, slowly. To them I maybe an ass for deceiving like some bully whom snatched the fun candy from them, to me, they’re all f-up. I mean no disgrace but what are you compared to 70 horse power between my legs? Mutu does 0-100kmh in 4 secs. Let’s not kid ourselves. I’m not into drags and you have no chance against Mutu.

If you really want to race, go to Sepang track day. On normal road, be a good motorist.

I’m an ass, so are you but I’m a lot safer.