Bye Bye Xperia

I’ve managed to sell the Xperia. Now I’m bursting with flavors!

It wasn’t because Xperia wasn’t that good. It’s just too good for me. It was a phone for pure business man or sales people who needs up-to-date emails. I am sure I don’t belong in that group of people.

I was also bothered by the fact that it connects to GPRS/3G automatically. Luckily it only drained my prepaid number. Unlike most people, my postpaid plan rarely exceed RM50 per month. And I intend to keep it that way.

How much did I sell it for? RM 1,550.

Yeah I dumped the hot and sassy girlfriend, now it’s someone else’s problem.

ps: Let’s go for sushi!

pss: I made it! Top 100 blog in Malaysia. No 35! But still, not as wicked as I used to be. Darn.


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  1. Tidak !!!
    Handphone aku lak wat hal sekarang .. haish ..
    xder duit nk beli

  2. Glad to hear that. sometimes we have to choose between beauty and money in our life. Well, choose money :$:

    I hope the Xperia will look hot as it new owner. My advice, don’t ever miss her, I mean the Xperia 🙂

  3. Congrats for making it into the list!! Time to poison more minds… ➡

  4. woh..tahniah la NH. terel weh, no. 35 tu.

  5. pergh.. patut nyer top 50 tuh..

  6. Congrats!!!!

    Semoga lepas ni berjaya jadi Top 10!!!!

  7. Faisal Tehrani pun bawah sket dari hang Ed. Kong hei!

  8. Eh bukan bawah sikit, bawah banyak tu.

  9. money or fame ? or is it money = fame ?

  10. wow xperia tu.. hohoho dah lama dah mengidam.. tapi tak mampu nak beli.. btw congrates masuk top 100 bloggers malaya.. hohooh

  11. u sold it? u should give it to ur mother Ed 😆

  12. If it’s already complicated for me, how do you think my mother will react? Plus she needs to wear specs to read. Xperia’s font is too small for her.

  13. Same here. I longed for it. When I got it, it kinda disappoint me.

  14. Faisal Tehrani aka less than 20% on that list I read. Lain base on SEO je.

  15. That is way over my head. If I made it there, I should be on TV.

  16. give it to me then… hahaha. nak jagung bakar! 😎

  17. Adakah anda tidak reti membace? Sudah dijual 😮

  18. yeay eddie blanje lagi! 🙂

  19. since Ed had sold the Experia, will he tap that refund to buy us all juicy jagung bakar? tune in for ‘Bye Bye Xperia – Season 2’ 😆

  20. aiyooooo… U should wait a lil while la Bro, so I can buy from u at much a lesser price *wink*

    I’m still unable to have good phone..only 2nd hand one bought for rm150, a very basic function only… sigh…

  21. Why shouldn’t? Heheheeh

  22. *kena marah*


  23. ari ni dah turun la eddie…
    dah number 39….
    anyway, tahniah! 🙂

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