Blogging is Boring

These past few months has clearly signified my lack of appetite to blog. I think I lost it and I’m very sure I’m not the only one.

As look I at my next door neighbors, my peers, fellow blogging friends and the rest, it seems like blogging is a thing in past. We’re cornered into other social platform like facebook and twitter. Blogging trend is now towards magazines-like, update of technology, some fashionista and celebrity gossips. Spewing out your opinion about your life is regarded as bitching.

On the good side, my hits has lowered so much to a point where it’s considered puny. I like it this way. I get to say and do things without worrying much about my real life. The not so good side, is that people starts commenting less. Having lesser interaction means you are just talking to yourself. That’s just as good as talking to the wall.

My next move would be, to revamp the layout of this blog.

… whenever I find time to do it.

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