BlackOut at Taman Keramat, TNB?

I was about to leave my house for my daily dose of caffeinated drink (else I couldn’t sleep). *bleep*, the whole area blacked out. Come on, in the 21st Century? In the city bath in lights, Kuala Lumpur, where the Twin Tower lies? You’ve got to be facebook kidding me.

What if my cats is taking a dump? My cat will be all wet with it’s crap. (Ok, I lied. My cat was stolen ages ago.)

What about home kidney dialysis system? They’ll get infected. (My grand ma has this machine. She got infected indeed.)

If I forgot to save my work? Re-do the whole thing. (Happened when I did my work on desktop before.)

Would ghost be coming out of my closet? (I see ghosts, what am I supposed to be afraid of?)

Worst, I’m in the middle of crapping, how do I wash?

Anyway, I called TNB. ‘You are caller number 21, please wait while we attend to you’. What? Am I being charged for waiting?

Last month, theStar reported TNB is re-rating our electricity tariff. Also the TNB CEO demanded a 100% increase in his salary. Halo boss, I suggest you take a look at your service again.

ps: Thanks to AisyahRozi, for teman-ning me all the way out to my car.

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