Between Twitter and It’s Alternative


I now need Twitter more than Twitter needs me. –TC.

When I re-themed NH, I needed a micro-blogging tool. I wanted to fill the small gaps between our virtual world. Much to my despair, Twitter is failing me a few times already. (You can follow me on Twitter!)

What can I do with Twitter? Read here. You’ll need it more than you need Facebook or MySpace!

Other alternatives you can play with

Emotionr is a way to gauge your happiness on a scale of 1-10 (decimals included).

Frazr is also very similar to Twitter. Frazr is focused on the French and German.

Hictu is a service for video microbloggers.

IRateMyDay allows you the ability to (yes, you guessed it) rate your day on a scale of ‘Worst’ to ‘Great’.

Jaiku is considered by many to be Twitter’s closest competitor.

Moodmill is a way to express your mood or current state of being.

MySay is what it says. Instead of text updates, users call MySay and say how they are doing today

Pownce recently launched a micro-blogging platform with added functionality.

Tumblr is a very clean, slick micro-blogging platform. Its focus is on simplicity and elegance.

ps: Twitter’s service is flickering. Sometimes its up, the next minute down. Should I consider moving? 😯

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