Best ke Jadi Pengkid?

Over the past few months, I jumped at least a few hurdles in this blogging arena. Hate mails, fan mails, nasty mails, you name it, I got it. It’s glad to know my writing is being acknowledge though I never expected one.On a quizzical note, I received a somewhat peculiar message from an anonymous guest. On the top right is a live chat system. I use to display my mood via Gmail. Thanks to it, I have another confused hater.

Best Ke jadi Pengkid

How can she mistook me for a pengkid? She must have missed the About page. Clearly, I’m a man. If not, you can kick my nut sack and see how I squirm just to clear the suspicion.I take it as one of our common traits, being too quick to judge. Seriously, bodoh.

ps: My guess she entered via Pengkid Hairstyle.

pss: It’s definitely a she, a guy couldn’t careless about lesbians, unless naked ones.

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