Bertunang, Semua Ok


Thank God everything went well. Unfortunately the pictures from either my phone or 60D is very much useless. Oh well, I have another brother who can snap photos well.

All in all, everything was good. We’re getting married on 16.7.11, insya Allah

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36 thoughts on “Bertunang, Semua Ok”

  1. terlambat plak sampai sini. ape pon nak ucap tahniah. tarikh lebih kurang sama macam wedding aku. cuma aku hari dan bulan jer sama. hang plak. genjak jadi bulan dan tahun. ape pon nak ucapkan selamat bertunang, keep it in low profile. love her with your soul. what ever happened, this is 1st and last in your live. semoga berbahagia sampai ke akhir hayat. amin..

    p/s: nanti anak nak bagi nama ape? dah reserved domain ke? twitter account? lol~

  2. Alhamdulillah, selesai satu perkara.

    Eddie, you tak ready lagi ke masa depa nak snap? Gambar tak lawa.

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