Berbuka Dengan Jus Kurma

I love dates, especially those juicy and succulent ones. They’re the best.

Ever since I caught hemorrhoid, doctors has been advising to increase intake of fiber. Fiber comes in many forms, the best are fruits. I’m not really a big fan of fruits as they come in surprise, sometimes sweet, sometimes tasteless. Dates however has never failed me.


Here’s my choice of dates. Iran ones.


Of course you need to peel away the seed manually.


Borrowed my wife’s blender, which is super helpful and awesome ice crusher!


And there you have it.

The weird this is, it’s black when entered, white when blended. It’s the fiber I guess. Anyway, the rule of thumb is, per glass, use 5 dates. I jug that serves 6 cups, use 30 dates. The more the better of course. Don’t mix with ice until time, add a bit of water if it’s thick. Sesuai untuk berbuka puasa :)

For honey lovers, adding some would definitely rock your world.

Good luck!


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Sedap jugak buat jus kurma.. Nak try buatlah petang nanti.. Kurma kat rumah aku yg tahun lepas punya pun ada lagi tak habis makan.. Haha..

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NoktahHitam replied #1

(hahaha samalah kita, tak pernah habis!)

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Anarm wrote on July 24, 2013 #1

Sedapnya Jus Kurma ni.. Pasti rasa segar selepas meminumnya…

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Anuar wrote on July 27, 2013 #2

Leave a comment, I won't bite ;)

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