Behind Those High PageRank, Alexa and Technorati

I was once an SEO slave. I wrote deceptive titles to get highly ranked on Google, Yahoo and Live. Honestly, it was just another intelligent cut and paste job.

Popularity is Bad

I was once ranked below 200,000 in Alexa. It’s nothing if no one really reads my blog.

I was once given a Google Page Rank of 6. What’s the point if sapiens doesn’t understand a word I wrote.

I was once in the top 200 sites in Malaysia. Popularity will fade away.

I once received 3,000 unique visitors a day for the entire month. It’s pointless if they don’t leave comments.

I already hit 400,000 visitors and almost fried my bandwidth. It’s an insult, 65% of them scattered away within 5 secs.

I wrote NoktahHitam for my kins. I wanted to embed the repulsive me into words. The kind of words that would require them to think. I could be asking too much.

To all those ranks, hits and traffic I’ve gained, F* it.

ps: I realized aeropama‘s writing is just like NH’s, only in Malay

pss: I admire SembangKomputer‘s effort. Computer is not about Myspace, Friendster and Facebook.

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