Behind Obama, United States and Malaysia

First and foremost, I’d like to pay utmost respect to Obama on winning the presidency seat. (So which desk did you pick?)

Barrack Obama

We’ve heard and read so many stories about him, online or offline. Me? I couldn’t care less about his campaign. Politicians, they all echo the same thing, Change. It’s the marketing strategy that grants you the upper hand. Obama went super viral.

Few days ago, I had a small teh tarik session. The topic varies from politics to jokes. One of the thing that pulls my attention was this statement.

Obama is the first black president, why can’t Malaysia have a non bumi PM?

I can’t help but ponder why would anyone ring that kind of question. Are you power hungry? Racist? Performance driven?

Independence. For starters, United States had her Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain[1. Wikipedia Independence Day (United States)]. Malaysia, August 31, 1957. Do you see how big of a gap is that? Americans have matured, Malaysian, still in our teeny years.

3rd World Country. America is a developed country. Malaysia is a developing country.

Language barrier. American has English as their mother tongue. Malaysia has at least 4. Unless you’re willing to forfeit your mother tongue and speak Malay (National Language) day in day out. Nobody will have a problem communicating.

Education System. Our education system is so diverse and racist to begin with. Why do we have vernacular school? Are we scheming something for the greater goods? We don’t like our kids mixing around? Perhaps we think we’re noble compared to others. We seriously need to halt segregating our ethnics and devote ourselves to one race, Malaysian.

The Bumiputera Injustice. They (long gone politicians) promised to spread evenly the wealth of Malaysia. Unfortunately, do you see how natives of East Malaysia struggle in their daily lives? How many contracts have been awarded to same company over and over again, cronies? You tell me.

Civic Minded. We claim to be polite, caring and loving but are we? Try greeting a complete stranger and see how they respond. Not to mention, polluting every litter possible, not talking to neighbors and putting a hardened face in public places. We are not considerate enough.

One American Live. Have you watched an American war film, does it bother you they can kill anyone just to save an American? It shows how dearly they think of each other. Malaysians..? Cincai lo, die, die la.

It’s all about money and quality living. Let Obama run and worry about his country. We have our children’s future to worry about. So don’t go putting your nose where it doesn’t belong, it smells awfully wrong.

ps: Let’s do something about racism in Malaysia!

pss: Before you brand me a racist, let me assure you, I am performance based. If you don’t perform, then you’re out.

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