Because Riding A Superbike is Not Extreme Enough

Firstly, my bike isn’t superbike, but the spare part suggests that it is in that range.


While a lot of crazy videos are posted on Youtube, doing top speed, wild police chase, muffler sound test etc. I assure you I am what most rempit call, a wuss. I have this 70 horse power between my leg, but I don’t use most of it, because I didn’t have to. Biking is not extreme, if you’re pushing too hard it will kill you.

That is why I am going to Sky Trex Shah Alam!

As an organizer myself, I am not sure what awaits me but I do know it has 3 separate tracks, easy, intermediate and extreme, hanging between trees like monkeys. I imagined it something like Ninja Warrior or WipeOut. Truthfully, I am scare of heights, but most men are (except for apes and monkeys).

Ninja Warrior is a great display of balance and strength.

Wipeout, well, it is pretty funny to see people boink around.

If you want adventure, meet new (blogging) friends, experience new thrills, write a blog post about the event and why you deserved it. InsyaAllah, you’ll be the chosen one and we’re looking for 25 bloggers (1+1 pass), in case, you are shy, you can bring your friend.

ps: The link is SkyTrex Bukit Cerakah

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  1. My batch lama budak asrama tengah plan nak pergi ke ATV di Kemensah cuti sekolah ni. Kena kumpul dan set tarikh betul-betul. Ye la ramai yang dah kahwin ni, agak susah nak kumpul balik.

    Last Sunday ada gathering di rumah cik simpankira. Walaupun tak ramai yang datang tapi memang tetap kecoh jugak la.

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