Because I Love You So


I was lying on the bed, constantly fixing myself, trying to get some sleep while strumming my guitar. Poof! A girl from the past appeared. I missed her, so I wrote her a song 🙄 You can tell from the lyrics who she is 😐

Pardon the sloppy voice, I needed someone with higher tone. I’ll rerecord some other day.

Lyric or download noktahhitam-because-i-love-you-so.mp3.

NoktahHitam – Because I Love You So

If questioning would make us wise
No eyes would ever gaze in eyes;
If all our tale were told in speech
No mouths would wander each to each.

Oh Baby please don’t go,
Because I love you so,
Oh Honey let me go,
Because I can’t let go.

Were spirits free from mortal mesh
And love not bound in hearts of flesh
No aching chest would yearn to meet
And find our ecstasy complete.

Oh Baby please don’t go,
Because I love you so,
Oh Honey let me go,
Because I can’t let go.

Oh life isn’t fair I got shot on the head,
I’m gonna make it,
Don’t wanna fake it,
I’ll find happiness there.

Oh Baby please don’t go,
Because I love you so,
Oh Honey let me go,
Because I let you go.


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  1. not bad hehe.. tapi syia rase kene adjust sikit bunyi dan penyanyi die heheh 😆

    syia’s last blog post..jerawat + bzzzzz + MODEL??

  2. That’s a masterpiece, mine if I re-sing the song again? I mean do a cover version of it. Of course must minta permission dulu la .. ha ha ha. I like the lyrics

  3. Silekan cibol. Tell me if you need the chords. One chord I forgot the name though.. Haha.

  4. Syia, Im a beginner level guitarist and vocal ability.. tadak! haha. Was hoping orang lain nyanyikan balik. Since Cibol would like to take this opportunity, why not 😉

  5. :up: good stuff, eddie. keep it up. get a good singer to sing this, will ya? hehehe. other than that, almost perfect. go emo! (tadeklah emo sgt pun? mcm emo ala2 dah nak recover ade la 🙄 )

  6. sedap..sedap. a simple & nice song. waa…tak tau ko ade talent ni ye? 😯 mase kat skolah rendah dulu takmo masuk singing comp. If not, sure menang! 😛

  7. eddie.. eddie.. for real, ko ke yang nyanyi lagu ni? Best seyhh.. tak macam bile ko cakap je.. haha.. jauh beza siot.. 😆

    Fuqaha’s last blog post..Some new sites

  8. this is a good song. really.
    btw, is she a doctor?

    ps. by any chance, do you know any male doctor. or a medic student. a hot one, preferably. I want to marry a doctor too. hehe. *shhh!*

    Aisyah’s last blog post..WordPress Theme Simply Candylicious

  9. kan dulu aku kaki Spelling B. Menang ke tak, aku pon tak igt 😀

  10. Hot ramai, baik hati tu je, belom tentu lagi ➡

  11. kalau ko penah dgr Wheatus (Teenage Dirtbag), mcm tu la suare yg aku nak utk lagu ni. Aku cube, tapi apekan daye, suare jd cam kambing 😀 🙄

  12. ya..ya.. spelling bee..ahahaha..lame tak dengar ayat tu!
    Btw,don’t u know that our batch still do keep in touch?? last diorg buat gathering time raye, but then aku tak dpt join last minute sbb kena submit KERJA to client.

  13. ➡ chill dude..chill…

  14. Link exchanged 🙂 added you to my blogroll 🙂

  15. ko rase emo ke? aku mmg tgh chill pon 😛

  16. Ko mintaklah mache nyanyi. Suara dia best aper! 😛

    P/s: Siap sedialah ko menanti hari esok, di mana satu bencana alam blog akan tiba! 😈

    ImamKhalid’s last blog post..Solat itu fardhu bagi umat Islam

  17. gua nk gelak ..bleh?

    sbb gue xbleh byg muka lu masa nyanyi..

  18. hahaha.. muke macam buang air besar 🙄

  19. where’s the re-sing version? btw, what software did you use to record this material?

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