Barisan Nasional & Opposition Party Flag War

Picture stolen from Flickr, its clickable.

I was driving to Giant to get some groceries, and my younger brother asked me, why is the flag flooding the streets? I knew his question demanded a smarter answer than “Vote for Bla Bla”. I had to think hard so that a 10 year old can comprehend.

Is he thinking about the amount of garbage they’ll produce? or who’s gonna clean up the mess? perhaps a little intense like global warming? maybe blocking the sign boards and street signs? 🙄

“I don’t know la e-mok”. I could never figure what kind of answer he’s expecting so I decided to play safe. “What do you think?”. (a question for question is never a valid answer) 😮

“They should have moved to online advertisement. This way, they can make a flag clickable. And probably lead the visitor to their site/manifesto”, he answered :kiss:

That’s… WOW! Usually what comes out from his mouth is either games, movies, cartoons or his friends. I was awed with his answer, I awarded him a Magnum (ice cream). Regardless his answer, he’s still gonna get a Magnum anyway. So what the hell right ➡

Abang, you should build a shooting flash game with pictures of the politician”. 😛

For a moment, I thought he outgrew me. He’s 10, what can I expect? 😡

ps: e-mok is short gemok (chubby or fat), I nicknamed him after his physique 😐

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