BaM! BooM! Fireworks Cracking


What’s wrong with kids today? Can’t they learn to respect the mosque?Every year, I’d face the same agony, kids cracking fireworks while performing terawih. It’s very hard to concentrate. 2 things crosses my mind throughout my prayer;

  • Will a car explode? (since they’re playing in the parking area)
  • Will it hit my car?


Fortunately today I brought my phone. I rang the local police and asked them a small favor, to patrol our mosque. The police never came. I’m sure they’re waiting for enough complains before they can take further actions. At least I did my part.

During my younger year, Terawih means No-Study Night. We’d pretend to be pious but sneaked out after the first prayer for some extreme handmade fireworks. But at least we have the decency to respect those performing prayer.

So, let me post this question again, what’s wrong with kids today or rather, anak sapa ni?

ps: I wrote this post using Chrome, seriously it rocks! incompatible with WordPress  :down:

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