Baju Baru

“Hello, where are you dude? I’m here already”. I hung up while waiting for a friend near Cold Storage KLCC entrance. Neat, white, properly pressed shirt tucked into a pants I haven’t worn for ages. I had a business meeting beforehand and thought it’d be nice to ring up a friend while I was in his area.

From afar, I saw him waving, wanting me to walk his way.

Dude, apsal kuning gile baju ko?“. I believe “Ape kabar” or “how are you” is still the latest trend to greet people. WTH, get on with it.

“What’s wrong with my shirt?”

“It’s old la. It’s faded.”

“Yeah.. so?”

Buat malu je jalan dengan ko


“Why don’t we stop by G2000 and get you new ones?”

“No thanks. I don’t wear them often”

“Ok. Just want to let you know, burok syial baju ko

Deep in my dark subconscious mind, I replied, “Suke hati aku la, nak bogel ke nak pakai ape pon!

ps: I don’t really give a damn about what I wear. Shorts, purple, white, pink, dusty, rusty or what ever apparel is on this oddly proportioned body, just as long as it’s clean. I don’t need to wear a designer’s label to prove my-self-worthiness.

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